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How to Stop Influencer Fraud Before It Starts

influencer fraud

Don’t let influencer fraud devalue your campaign The New York Times article, The Follower Factory further exposed the serious issue of influencer fraud that lurks within the space on Twitter and other platforms, as well. The story outed Devumi, a company with a fake Manhattan address that appears to make its money by generating fake followers for social media celebrities and…

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How Influencer Marketing Can Enhance Your Live Event Advertising

successful influencer program; live event advertising 2018

Influencer marketing is certainly gaining more attention for its authentic impact and direct ROI for brands. As influencer marketing campaigns continue to grow, how can you make sure yours stands out? One great way: utilizing online influencers offline at live events. Combine online reach with live event advertising by inviting relevant online influencers as attendees to your brand’s social event…

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Critical Strategies For Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns

successful influencer programs

Great influencer marketing content can sway opinions, spark conversations, increase brand loyalty and boost sales. It’s the critical difference between a potential customer tuning out your message or embracing it wholeheartedly. Regardless of whether you run your campaign in-house or outsource the work, the key ingredient to every successful influencer program is a strong content strategy. A true strategy should…

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5 Ways for Influencers to Leverage Pinterest’s Smart Feed Algorithm

Leverage Pinterest’s Smart Feed Algorithm

If you’ve been thinking of Pinterest’s smart feed as a social platform similar to Instagram or Facebook, it’s probably time to adjust your influencer marketing strategy. Influencer marketing on Pinterest is a whole different ballgame than other social networks, because — surprise! —Pinterest is not a social network. You could say Pinterest is a “visual discovery tool,” or, as Pinterest…

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Food Brands And Influencer Marketing: A Recipe For Holiday Success

best food influencers

Food brands and influencer marketing go hand in hand, especially during the holidays. Few consumer verticals are so deliciously well suited for influencer marketing as food. Work with the best food influencers to create original, creative content that makes your product shine. Consider how people are finding holiday mealtime inspiration these days: while there will surely always be a place…

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Boost Black Friday Marketing with Influencers

black friday marketing

Boosting your Black Friday marketing is possible with strategic influencer marketing. Influencer marketing campaigns timed with peak shopping days can be an effective strategy. While Black Friday still draws the biggest crowds (over 154 million shoppers in stores and online, according to the National Retail Federation), the way consumers approach this historically big shopping weekend is evolving thanks to factors…

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What Your Brand Needs to Know About the Latest FTC Guidelines

FTC guidelines social media marketing

In 2017, the U.S Government updated their FTC guidelines for disclosing on Instagram and for the first time ever, sent out letters to a group of influencers. These influencers were known to have not disclosed brand partnerships in their sponsored Instagram posts. The FTC guidelines were intended to educate the influencers about the stricter guidelines. The FTC brought their first action…

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The Basic Recipe for A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Finding inspiration for great content is one thing, but figuring out where to start when crafting a new content marketing strategy is another. Building a brand new strategy from the ground up can feel entirely overwhelming. However, even though the actual content may differ, all content marketing strategies consists of four main ingredients that never change. What are these four ingredients? Here…

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How to Find the Best Influencers

Influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular as a way to reach consumers online. It’s more organic compared to traditional advertising – in fact, influencer marketing programs drive 16 times more engagement than paid or owned media. The question is, how do you find the best influencers for your brand? There are millions of bloggers out there, in every imaginable niche. Finding the right ones for…

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