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Sway Group Client
Sway Group Client
Sway Group Client

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Upbeat, entertaining, and informative content helped demonstrate product use cases and drive action for this consumer goods brand.


Influencers empowered their audience to take control of their mental health, more specifically stress and anxiety, with this accessible campaign that encouraged app downloads.


Personal stories and genuine life experiences helped spark audience interest for this vision care brand.

Coleman Natural Foods

Fast, easy, delicious meals you can feel good about: influencers drove the right kind of family mealtime associations for this all-natural food brand.


A heartwarming campaign with a focus on financial independence for individuals with disabilities.


Eye-catching salad recipes were the driving force behind this healthy lifestyle campaign that generated more than 4 million impressions.

Grove Collaborative Influencer Marketing Case Study

Grove Collaborative

Influencers encouraged audiences to follow their lead and take a step towards sustainability with this eco-friendly home brand.


A focus on diversity and style boosted awareness and sales for this popular baby products brand.

UpSpring influencer case study content by Sway Group


Expectant moms were the key to driving strong social engagement around a new prenatal supplement.

VSP Multigenerational Campaign

Influencer enhanced VSP Vision Care's visibility among Boomers via a multigenerational influencer campaign, emphasizing key brand benefits.


Tech-savvy influencers on TikTok and Instagram helped drive platform brand awareness and app downloads with engaging, authentic content.


Diverse, adventurous influencers promoted this pet food brand in outdoor settings, generating high engagement and relatability on Instagram.


Nano and micro parenting influencers created high-impact, personalized content that increased brand awareness and boosted engagement for this baby brand.


A major multinational personal care corporation partnered with Sway Group for an influencer program that would drive brand equity, engagement, and trial for paper-based consumer products during a key seasonal moment in time for the brand.


Inclusive travel influencers created engaging content across platforms, including an onsite panel discussion, showcasing a brand's resort and driving click-through results.


Influencers bolstered a quick-service restaurant's brand via a diverse TikTok influencer campaign, emphasizing product highlights and app promotions.


Influencers amplified a regional bank's brand via localized influencer marketing on Instagram, promoting its unique services and community focus to in-state audiences.


A regional retail warehouse club partnered with Sway Group to increase brand awareness, boost membership interest, and educate audiences on shopping options and savings.

Home Improvement

A national home improvement retailer partnered with Sway Group for a multiflight campaign, recruiting varied DIY influencers to boost brand awareness and drive traffic to retail stores.


Influencers help raise brand awareness during open enrollment for this healthcare brand, targeting Washington residents, coffeehouse employees, and the LGBTQ+ community.