Beyond Millennials: Influencer Marketing For Older Generations

As of January 2020, there are over 48,800,000 Google results for the search term “marketing to millennials.” It’s no wonder so many brands are focused on cracking this diverse, evolving segment with over $200 billion in buying power. However, despite all the millennial buzz, the real powerhouses in spending are the older generations. There’s a misconception that influencer marketing is…

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How To Pick A Social Platform For Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign

social platform

While influencer marketing was once primarily a blog-based industry, there are now plenty of social platforms available, and many sponsored programs don’t include blog posts at all. We’re often asked which social platform is best for an influencer campaign, and our best answer hasn’t changed over the years: it depends on your goals. That may not be a very satisfying…

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Sway Group Outperforms Industry Benchmarks in CreatorIQ-Backed Influencer Marketing Study

check out the latest influencer marketing study from Sway Group

Influencer marketing has been around long enough to have proven its worth, but compared to television, radio, and print, it’s still a relatively new marketing practice. In just a few short years influencer marketing went from an edgy Wild West tactic to a critical aspect of most brands’ digital marketing plans. As a result, the conversation around influencer marketing has…

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5 Influencer Marketing Trends in 2020

In order to forecast the hottest influencer marketing trends in 2020, it’s important to take into account how influencer marketing has evolved in recent years. At Sway Group, we’ve been busy analyzing influencer campaign performance, platform changes, and brand preferences, in order to put together this list that was originally published on Forbes. Our 5 predictions for influencer marketing trends…

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5 Surprising Ways Paid Media Amplifies Influencer Marketing

Paid media is necessary for modern influencer marketing

One of the many benefits of using influencer marketing is that when done correctly, it feels like a natural extension of the influencer’s regular content. Rather than being perceived as an ad break, good sponsored content matches the native content of the influencer’s platform. This works because as consumers we’ve largely come to tune out or distrust traditional advertising. We…

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