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Instagram Creator Account: Great for Influencers (But We Still Say Wait)

creator account

The Instagram Creator Account feature is being rolled out as an option for all users. Access is not yet universal, but it appears to be available to users with over 10,000 followers who have their accounts linked to a Facebook business page. According to Instagram, the Creator Account includes “features that make it easier to control your online presence, understand…

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Influencer “Ripple Effect” Can Be the Best Part of a Campaign

influencer ripple effect

The influencer marketing industry is showing no signs of slowing down as businesses of all sizes continue to see results from this highly effective strategy. With consumer distrust on the rise, audiences are seeking more authentic content like reviews, peer recommendations, and brand transparency. Influencers provide compelling, credible images and stories that resonate with today’s consumers, on the wide-reaching social…

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College Cheat Scandal Shows Need for Influencer Crisis Plan

Influencer Crisis Plan

So you’re a brand who decided to partner with a big-name social media influencer who’s now embroiled in a giant scandal and Twitter is blowing up with outrage expressed in admittedly hilarious memes — what to do? Is there a hashtag for this kind of complicated PR nightmare? (#TooStressedToBeBlessed?) Ah, the perils of modern marketing. Influencer Olivia Jade Giannulli, 19,…

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Bacon, Babies, Buns & Bleps – We Love What We Do

It’s pretty clear that we’re passionate about influencer and content marketing. Our favorite internal email of the week is the one highlighting influencer posts that have knocked it out of the park for our clients. So, in celebration of Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing some of the recent influencer content that makes us fall in love with influencer marketing over and…

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Three Ways to Ensure Successful Influencer Campaigns

Successful Influencer Campaigns

Influencers across every social media platform have taken on increased importance as consumers look towards the endorsements of others for what they try and buy. In fact, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Today’s influencers produce complex marketing campaigns via various forms of media, seamlessly weaving brand messaging into their own opinions and recommendations. No…

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Instagram’s Ever-Changing and Evolving Aesthetics

instagram aesthetics

Instagram’s Ever-Changing and Evolving Aesthetics   When you hear the term “Instagram aesthetics,” a certain visual theme is likely to come to mind — most likely reminiscent of what you tend to see on your customized Instagram feed. Maybe you think of lots of white space and immaculate interior spaces, grungy high-contrast fashion shoots or a green, perfectly lit smoothie….

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5 Tips for Working with Influencers

working with influencers

We often hear from brands who are sold on the idea of influencer marketing but aren’t sure where to begin. How do you find the right people? Which social mixes are right for your campaign goals? Your influencer marketing strategy can only be successful if you tap into these essential components. Our tried and true tips for working with influencers…

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Millennial Influencers

Millennial Influencers

Millennials are often the target audience of influencer campaigns – and it’s easy to understand why. They consume social media daily (63% of Millennials stay updated on brands through social networks), trust social influencers, and are the demographic that will have the most spending power of any generation by the end of 2018.  But, let’s be clear – they’re not all the same (shocker -right?)  The…

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