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On the Fence About Influencer Marketing? It’s Time To Take the Plunge

Are you one of the brands that is On the Fence About Influencer Marketing?

“We’re interested in influencer marketing, but …” As VP of Sales here at Sway Group, I’m familiar with many of the reasons some brands experience hesitation when it comes to influencer marketing. Sometimes it’s a matter of limited resources or uncertainty about how to get started. Other times there’s a reluctance to break away from traditional advertising efforts. Before I…

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Running the Dipsea and Finding My Strength

This past weekend, I ran a legendary race called the Dipsea. It’s just over seven miles of treacherous trails, going from the center of my adopted hometown of Mill Valley to the blue oceanside of Stinson Beach. The first mile alone includes 700 uneven stairs built into the mountains. Training for a race like this and incorporating strenuous exercise into my…

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