What We Do

At Sway Group, we’re uniquely positioned to bring your brand messaging to life through the lens of influence. Our specialty is delivering genuine, persuasive campaign content in collaboration with vetted social creators. Whether you’re looking to start a conversation, drive sales, or build brand loyalty, we have the relationships and longtime expertise for influencer marketing success.

Every campaign starts with a customized content strategy based on client KPIs, including creative angles and prompts for influencers. Our diverse network of over 30K authenticated influencers across all social platforms allows for a broad spectrum of outreach strategies, and our hands-on approach means we will personally help you discover what works best for your brand.

We are known for our ability to identify organic alignments between influencers, audiences, and brands, and we maximize campaign impact with highly targeted social platform advertising.

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More than just an influencer marketing agency, we’re your full-service partner for exceptional branded content and targeted audience reach. Our influencer marketing services include:

  • Influencer Discovery & Recruitment. Identifying the right influencers for campaigns is one of our superpowers: we know this step is critical for messaging that authentically resonates with target audiences. We leverage data-driven insights, tools from our influencer dashboard, and our own firsthand knowledge in order to handpick the best creators for the job.
  • Campaign Management. When you partner with us, you get a full team dedicated to your business goals. From recruitment to campaign communications to QA and reporting, we handle the details so our clients can stay focused on the big picture.
  • Quality Assurance. We’ve spent years establishing best practices for ensuring quality and FTC compliance for our influencer programs. You can count on our expert QA team to verify that every single piece of campaign content meets our sky-high standards and is compliant with both platform and federal guidelines.
  • Social Visibility. Ever-changing social media platform algorithms can limit organic discovery, which is why our campaigns include sophisticated social ad strategies to ensure the right kind of reach.
  • Guaranteed Results. All the agency claims in the world don’t mean a thing without the results to back them up. We’re so confident in our ability to help our clients achieve their influencer marketing goals, we include guaranteed social metric minimums for every campaign.