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Why Social Media Influencers Are The New Celebrities

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Influencer marketing. You see it on every social media platform out there. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook–you name it! Why? Because influencers like beauty gurus, food bloggers, and lifestyle vloggers possess the power to persuade their fanbase of thousands of loyal followers. Their trick? Their ability to share their own personal testimony through storytelling. This reason is just one of the many that makes social media influencers the new celebrities of the digital age.

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4 Reasons Why Social Media Influencers Are The New Celebrities

Why should you work with social media influencers? Keep reading to find out:

1. Their Fanbase

Social media influencers already have an existing fanbase of anywhere from hundreds to thousands to even millions of followers who have given them their trust. This means that their followers are quick to believe their personal testimonies on product. You may be asking, “Well won’t their fanbase be able to tell it’s a sponsored post?” Yes. However, just because the post is sponsored doesn’t mean it doesn’t blend into their feed. Social media influencers are incredibly skilled in creating sponsored posts that sound authentic to their voice but still manifest the brand’s core values.

2. Their Diversity

As we mentioned, social media influencers are anybody who has sway over an audience. With that said, influencers can be anyone and do anything. From crafty moms sharing their ideas on Pinterest to talented bakers giving tutorials on YouTube, there is an influencer for every product out there! For example, say your company’s product is an eco-friendly reusable lunchbox. To market it, partner with a YouTuber who could create a video about healthy lunch ideas that’s centered around your product! Another option is to work with a popular influencer on Instagram. They can then use their clever photography skills to create a cute photo of their “daily essentials” featuring your lunchbox. The possibilities are endless!

3. Their Impact

Since social media influencers publish specifically on social media platforms, their fans are able to easily view their newest video, Instagram post, or tweet any time they want. That’s why it’s so beneficial for companies to work with these influencers in order to be able to constantly market to multiple audiences at once. This way, you can acquire new potential clients more quickly. This is because other people than your own followers will see this sponsored content. Because influencer’s followers trust their word and respect their opinion, they’ll be compelled to visit your own page and learn more about your product or service.

4. Their Accessibility

The best part about social media influencers? They’re people just like us! Instead of paying a celebrity like Kim Kardashian millions to simply post a Snapchat story with your product, you can easily tap into our network of influencers and find the perfect influencer for your brand and price budget. If you want to learn more about how our group of highly skilled influencers can help you generate brand awareness and gain followers on social media, just contact us here!

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