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You know that when a newsletter starts out with “HUGE NEWS!!!” you’re probably about to read about something that is only sort of interesting to you personally, so get ready when I tell you the HUGEST NEWS EVER: we have a podcast now!

I’m truly so excited to announce The Art of Sway, our new agency podcast that brings you inside the world of marketing as seen through the lens of influence. Each week, I’ll be chatting with industry experts and influential tastemakers to uncover all the ways influence impacts nearly every aspect of our lives.

Is it a marketing podcast? Yes. It is a little-bit-about-everything podcast? You bet. Influence is a fascinating topic that has already led to some unexpected conversations.

The Art of Sway has been a major undertaking at our agency, and I’m so grateful to the entire team who has helped bring this new podcast from napkin notes to a fully launched reality. I also want to share a major shout-out to Mary Nice for being our very first guest and helping us iron out the kinks.

Danielle Wiley and Mary Nice recording Art of Sway podcast.

I had so much fun making this first episode, and I hope you all enjoy it! We got into everything from starting out on TikTok to gender conditioning in the workplace, whew.

You can listen to Episode 1 here!