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Tips for Using Influencers to Alleviate a PR Crisis

In an ideal world, your organization will never have to endure a PR calamity. You will never have a single recall, product shortage, service outage, miscommunication or upset customer. Of course, the less delightful reality is that most businesses will eventually be faced with some sort of PR stumbling block, whether it’s an unflattering social media review or a debacle…

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5 Influencer Marketing Myths We’d Like to See Go Away

In an ever-shifting technological and social landscape, getting started with influencer marketing can feel like an intimidating venture for brands that are new to the space – especially given the always abundant, yet sometimes conflicting information about what works and what doesn’t. As the CEO here at Sway, I’ve heard every assumption there is to be made. Read the five misperceptions I’d…

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High-Performing Influencer Marketing Campaigns from Unlikely Sources

influencer marketing campaigns

As brands are increasingly turning to influencer-created content to highlight their products and services, it’s easy to see how certain verticals are particularly well-suited for this type of marketing. Beauty, food, crafts, decor and fashion are just a few. These categories are often aspirational in nature, highly visual and offer broad appeal. Bloggers, Instagrammers and other social media stars have…

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Marketing to Moms for Mother’s Day

marketing to moms

Mother’s Day is ranked third in consumer spending, following only the winter holiday and back-to-school shopping seasons. In 2017, the average American spent $124 on their Mother’s Day gift – which adds up to a total of $30.309 billion in Mother’s Day spending last year. Looking closely at the data, we see that the millennials are the most generous when…

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How Influencer Marketing Can Enhance Your Live Event Advertising

successful influencer program; live event advertising 2018

Influencer marketing is certainly gaining more attention for its authentic impact and direct ROI for brands. As influencer marketing campaigns continue to grow, how can you make sure yours stands out? One great way: utilizing online influencers offline at live events. Combine online reach with live event advertising by inviting relevant online influencers as attendees to your brand’s social event…

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5 Ways for Influencers to Leverage Pinterest’s Smart Feed Algorithm

Leverage Pinterest’s Smart Feed Algorithm

If you’ve been thinking of Pinterest’s smart feed as a social platform similar to Instagram or Facebook, it’s probably time to adjust your influencer marketing strategy. Influencer marketing on Pinterest is a whole different ballgame than other social networks, because — surprise! —Pinterest is not a social network. You could say Pinterest is a “visual discovery tool,” or, as Pinterest…

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Improve Your Aim with Influencer Audience Targeting

Talk to any brand getting started in content marketing and you’ll likely discover a common goal: to impact the largest audience possible. (“I want my message to virtually disappear in a sea of online noise!” said no digital marketer ever.) Quantity has value, which is why Sway Group has the ability to tap into more than 100,000 influencers for high-volume…

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