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Influencer networks. They seem to be everywhere today, making it tough for brands and agencies to sort the wheat from the chaff. What should a brand or agency even look for in selecting an influencer network for their campaign? When making a decision about who to hire, does the size of a network actually matter? We think it does.

There are some influencer networks who only take in members who already have an established reach and audience. This works great for them, but at Sway, we take a different approach. Instead of limiting our influencer network to just those who have already “made it,” The Sway is open to everyone. We have built our network on the bedrock of community and education. One of the key tenets of our mission is to educate and support influencers of all types and sizes and to provide them with the support they need to grow and succeed. To that end, we are inclusive and accept everyone who wants to join us.

Working with Influencer Networks Matter

Why Working With An Inclusive Influencer Network Matters

Why do we do things this way? Well, we love having a really big, welcoming network for several reasons. For starters, it allows us to gain access to the major influencers of tomorrow. Just because someone is small today doesn’t mean they won’t eventually “pop.” We provide our community with a slew of educational resources in an effort to get everyone to their full potential. We are proud that many of our larger influencers have been with us from the beginning of their journey.

Additionally, having a massive (pun intended!) network allows us to identify very niche content producers for extremely specialized campaigns. Having such a large network makes it easier for us to find those people when we need them. If someone can create compelling content around a specialized topic, her individual reach is not an issue. We can always drive traffic to their post with amplification from others in our network.

At Sway, we believe that what makes us different makes us more effective. We’re more than just an influencer marketing agency. We are a community with an engaged membership spanning virtually every interest and category. When a brand or agency comes to us, they can be sure that we are going to be able to recruit exactly the kind content producers they need. We believe that bigger is better and that inclusivity matters.

If you are an influencer or a potential influencer, check out what it means to be part of our community (our Facebook group is a great place to start!). We would love to welcome you.