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As marketers, we’ve been hustling to earn loyalty from moms for years, but in an age where every product, party idea, or piece of advice is just one click away (hi, Pinterest!), it’s increasingly more important that we focus on how to truly connect with and reach moms online as consumers.

Reach Moms Online with an Influencer Marketing Agency

5 Ways to Reach Moms Online

Moms are extremely influential because of their spending power and online engagement (did you know there are over 85 million mothers in the United States?), so today we’re sharing five ways to reach moms online.

Think Mobile First

Optimizing your marketing campaign for mobile isn’t a perk for your brand; it’s a must. According to an Edison study, 9 out of 10 of moms own a smartphone and they spend an average of almost three hours per day connected to the internet. Think about where moms might be during different times of the day: commuting to work, picking kids up from school, cooking dinner, etc. Adjust your messaging timing and context based on this. If your brand is meeting the need of providing an easy mobile experience, you’re already ahead of competitors who are not.

Social Media

Moms are some of the most active people on social media. Whether they are searching meal planning ideas from Pinterest, or sharing tips in Facebook groups, moms are constantly connected – talking, sharing, advising, and helping. Make it easy for them to include your brand in their conversations. Share content on your social pages that solves a problem for moms, or sparks a fun family idea they can get excited about. Your social media content should be unique and something they can’t find somewhere else.

Email Marketing

Email is a great way to reach moms. Encourage them to take action, share a new product, or feature special-offer opportunities in emails. Just make sure you’re not stereotyping in your email blast (more on this later!). Segment your emails by where they live, the age of their children, or what she’s specifically looking for (tips, product info, coupons, etc.)


Unlike a celebrity spokesperson, influencers have earned a genuine following and have fostered a real connection between themselves and their readers. They are real, they are relatable, and most importantly for you, they are powerful. By matching your brand with the right influencer, you are demonstrating a real life application of your product. A trusted endorsement by an influencer is similar to a word-of-mouth recommendation between friends: honest, helpful, and impactful.

Be Authentic

Moms expect authentic connections with brands. They want to be valued and heard, and they want to feel like they matter as an individual. This means you can’t cut corners and stereotype when marketing to moms. Being a mom is just one facet of life. The women in your target audience are also sisters, friends, professionals, athletes, and neighbors. Listen and engage with your mom audience, and value them as individuals in your communications with them.

At Sway Group, we help our clients communicate with their audience through comprehensive influencer marketing campaigns. Mom and parenting bloggers make up a huge portion of our 100,000+ influencer community.

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