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3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing the Right Influencer for Your Brand

choosing the right influencer

Choosing the right influencer to market your brand can feel like a guessing game. It’s essential you find the influencer who embodies your brand’s values as well as whose following encompasses your ideal audience. Of course all influencers are skilled in creating content that will thoroughly resonate with their followers, but deciding which influencer will do so most successfully is the…

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Marketing to Millennials in 4 Easy Steps

marketing to millennials

When it comes to marketing to millennials, the question is no longer “why” but “how?” With more than 83 million individuals making up this generation in the U.S., it’s crucial that your brand not only pays attention to millennials but caters to them as well. Here’s a quick recap of why you should try to connect with this generation –…

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Going Back-to-School with Influencers

work with influencers on your back-to-school campaigns

Summer may be quickly approaching, but that also means the new school year isn’t far behind. So while kids are out enjoying the summer sun, their moms are already thinking of stocking up on school supplies, buying new clothes, and preparing healthy lunch options. With that said, it’s the perfect time to get ahead on your back-to-school summer promotions and what better way to do…

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Are You Using Facebook Correctly? All About the Facebook Branded Content Tool

Facebook Branded Content Updates

In 2017, Facebook updated its Branded Content Guidelines which caused many issues for influencers, agencies, and brands who are looking to implement social media marketing campaigns. With Facebook’s constant monitoring of acceptable sponsored content, your brand needs to make sure that you are not only effectively utilizing the branded content tool but understanding how it works. Are You Using the Facebook…

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3 Pinterest Tips for Business

pinterest tips

When you think of Pinterest you probably imagine artsy DIYs and photos of stunning landscapes. But that’s not all it’s capable of. Pinterest is not only great for showcasing your content, but it’s also an effective and creative way to engage with followers. If you’re looking to incorporate Pinterest into your marketing strategy, look no further. In this post, we’re…

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Increase Your Brand’s Awareness with Hashtag Holidays

National Cupcake Day, National Pizza Day, National Take a Nap Day…if you’re on social media, you’ve likely noticed these “hashtag holidays” popping up in your feeds on a regular basis. But, did you know you can leverage these days to create effective influencer marketing campaigns? Recently, Einstein Bros. partnered with Sway Group to launch a social media-based #NationalBagelDay campaign to…

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Sponsored Posts: The Misguided Notion That Native Advertising is ‘Suicide’

sponsored posts

Back in 2013, native advertising, or rather sponsored content, was deemed the suicide of marketing. Boy how times have changed! Today, working with influencers to create sponsored posts can help generate brand awareness. Not only that, but influencers connect your company to hundreds even thousands of new customers. Still unconvinced that sponsored posts bring life to your brand rather than…

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