Marketing on Instagram: How to Build a Following

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Instagram has over 800 million users and 60% of users say they learn about products and services on Instagram and 75% say they take action after being inspired by an Instagram post, making it a network for all marketers to strongly consider for their campaigns.  According to Iconosquare, 75% of major brands are now on Instagram (up from 60% in 2014). Here are our tips for growing a following and reaching your target audience through marketing on Instagram:Influencer Tips for Marketing on Instagram

Marketing on Instagram: How to Build a Following

Try out these 3 tips for marketing on Instagram:

1. Capitalize on Hashtags

Another way to find popular hashtags is in Instagram. Search for a topic under tags in the app. The search results will tell you how many photos have been posted with that hashtag. Underneath, it will pull up similar hashtags, along with their number of photos. Pick out all the hashtags that already have thousands of photos and use those. Although it’s tempting to be one of only 300 using a hashtag because you’ll stand out, you also won’t been seen by that many people.

When you place your hashtags, consider using only one or two in your photo caption (and focus on always including a brand hashtag). In a comment beneath your photo, add a group of popular, relevant hashtags to help users find your photo. That way, the unsightly group of hashtags gets buried after your photo receives 3 or more comments, leaving only your caption for users to read.

2. Diversify & Plan Your Content

Mix up the subject of your photos. Think about what drives your brand and separate that into categories. Use these categories to drive your content and create a schedule so you’re always mixing it up. Think about how often you want to post and keep track of how much engagement you see on different days at different times. Use this to plan out when you want to post about different topics.

3. Work with Influencers

Find influencers who share photos related to your brand. Follow them, comment on their photos, and build a relationship. Consider hosting an Instagram party or letting them guest post on your account. Ask an influencer you trust to take over your account for a day or a weekend. By doing so, they will bring a fresh perspective to your account, as well as exposure for your brand to all of their followers.

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