Influencer Campaigns

Our deep knowledge of what makes influencer campaigns successful is based on years of experience and data-driven research. We analyze search trends, social media patterns, and consumer insights — and most of all, we listen to influencers.

Our industry know-how and full-service approach means that you can rely on us to be a true marketing partner. Whether you’re looking to start a conversation, drive sales, or build brand loyalty, we have the resources to help you get results.

Every influencer campaign starts with a team dedicated to your business goals: a typical influencer program includes 6-8 Sway professionals, from client services to quality assurance. (Meet our amazing staff members here.)

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Our campaigns are powered by a proprietary platform that helps us not only manage and measure campaign performance in real time, but allows us to build a complete picture of audience demographics and historical performance for each of our influencers. We can vet and target with great accuracy, which means our clients can choose more confidently.

While we take great pride in our content quality, we also know it all comes down to performance. After all, campaigns are only as good as their KPI achievements.

That’s why we put as much emphasis on research and strategy as we do on producing amazing visuals and memorable brand stories. At Sway, we continually study engagement information and traffic metrics not just for our clients’ benefit — but to help ensure our current and future strategies are second to none.

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To schedule a strategy session and learn more about the levers we use to price our campaigns, please reach out.