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3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing the Right Influencer for Your Brand

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Choosing the right influencer to market your brand can feel like a guessing game. It’s essential you find the influencer who embodies your brand’s values as well as whose following encompasses your ideal audience. Of course all influencers are skilled in creating content that will thoroughly resonate with their followers, but deciding which influencer will do so most successfully is the real debate. Luckily, we’ve broken it down into 3 simple questions that are guaranteed to navigate you towards the perfect influencer to promote your product.

choosing the right influencer

3 Questions to Ask When Choosing the Right Influencer for Your Brand

These 3 questions are sure to eliminate the guesswork when it comes to choosing the right influence for you:

1. Who are you marketing to?

Who is your product geared towards? This is the first and most essential question when choosing an influencer to promote your product. By establishing who you are trying to market you, you can easily decide what type of person or social media account should be used to market it. Certain types of people utilize certain social media applications so its important to think of who you’re marketing to and then look at what influencer uses the social media platform that is associated with this specific audience.

2. What is the message you want to send with your marketing?

Next, think about your brand’s core values and how you want to promote them. While each influencer is can without a doubt advertise your company’s message in an organic way, it’s crucial to first give them space to digest it. This generates creativity which influencers use to connect with their audience. By emphasizing your brand’s messaging through their own personality, your sponsored post becomes organic and naturally speaks to your audience.

3. How will this influencer promote your product?

More specifically, what social media platform is this influencer using? If you’re marketing to moms, you want to find an influencer on Pinterest or a blogger. This is because moms typically look to pins and blogs for advice and reviews on products to improve their day-to-day routines. If you’re marketing to millennials, think Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Millennials love visual content so these sites are perfect for capturing their attention. So work with an influencer who have a large following on these platforms in order to create video content that is sure to be widely shared.

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