The Sway Dashboard

Sway Group’s custom-built dashboard was developed in partnership with CreatorIQ (CIQ), a leading enterprise software provider for influencer marketing. The CIQ platform, integrated with our proprietary technology, provides us with a robust system for influencer and campaign management, tracking, and reporting.

This system allows us to search by creator and audience interests, brand affinities and demographic information among our Sway network members. It also provides us with the same information for millions of other influencers in the social media space.

The result? Highly targeted lists of recommended influencers, beautifully displayed for client team review.

We vet influencers with great accuracy — so you can choose confidently.

Our dynamic influencer profile one-sheets include social reach, engagement rate, audience demographics, historical performance, and more — including psychographic insights from IBM Watson.

Sway Group Influencer Agency influencer dashboard example

Clients can easily approve, reject, or add comments to each influencer directly in our system without having to log in.

Our dashboard at work.

Sway Group Influencer Marketing Agency influencer dashboard metrics

Clients can also view campaign engagement in real time, and click directly through to live content.

Sway Group Influencer Marketing Agency influencer dashboard

Every piece of campaign content is showcased as it goes live.

Behind the scenes, our dashboard streamlines workflow, facilitates team collaboration and QA, helps prevent influencer fraud, and provides insight into the entire campaign from start to finish. We’re able to be better partners because of our custom querying capabilities and toolset for organizing, tracking, and managing every aspect of our clients’ programs.

On the influencer side of the equation, all of our creators complete a profile as part of their registration process, which gives us detailed information about their interests and lifestyle. Once they are set up in our network, influencers have access to all available campaigns and communications at a glance, including a comprehensive set of resources for ensuring content quality, FTC disclosure, and trackable links.

Deep-dive measurement that ends the ROI guessing game.

Performance is clearly and concisely measured according to client KPIs. Our reporting capabilities go beyond vanity metrics with dollar-specific social media valuations, first party data from all social platforms, and actual impressions on blog posts (based on a tracking pixel exclusive to Sway Group)

As campaign content goes live, our dashboard collects and presents it with real-time, dynamic updates. Clients can easily see all live content in one snapshot.

Our technology comes with a personal touch.

While our software is integral to what we do, we know the best influencer marketing requires a strong human element. When it comes to recruiting and communicating with influencers, detecting fake followers, ensuring the quality of our campaigns, and leveraging our years of experience to help guide our clients towards success, we don’t rely on automated solutions. Our technology allows us to focus on strategy and service — but it doesn’t replace the personal relationships and community expertise that drives our business.

Thanks to our strong influencer relationships, best-in-class software, and a full-service approach, we’re uniquely qualified to bring your goals to life. Talk to us today to learn more about our dashboard capabilities, and how we can be your partner for influencer and content marketing success.