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Twitter is here to stay. With over 340 million users liking, retweeting, and posting new content each day, marketers have never had an easier way to share their content exponentially. While other social platforms (we’re looking at you Instagram and TikTok) may be the current darlings of social media, Twitter continues to be a great platform to gain visibility and drive traffic. In this post, we’ve taken out the Twitter guesswork and broken it down into our 7 types of tweets to help increase traffic to your company’s page.
Influencers us Tweets to Increase Traffic to your Website

7 Types of Tweets to Increase Traffic to Your Company’s Site

Try sharing these 7 types of tweets to increase traffic to your company’s website:

1. Your Current Blog Post

By tweeting out your latest posts, you not only expand your social media audience, but you also drive potential clients to your site. From there, they can explore the products and services you offer. An essential tip is to capitalize on hashtags. By adding hashtags to your tweets, you increase your search-ability so that way new followers outside your existing network will be sure to see your post.

2. Your Older Blog Posts

Don’t forget about your older content! This might seem obvious but tweeting your older blog posts is just as effective in driving readers to visit your site. Just make sure the topic of the post is still relevant. If it isn’t, you can always revisit the topic and edit the copy to make it more current. For example, if your post talks about Instagram’s new story feature, you might want to change the post to talk more about their newer features like Instagram Reels or Instagram Guides.

3. Other People’s Content

While you should avoid retweeting posts from companies offering the same services as you, there are plenty of informative marketing blogs and newsletters out there that make for great retweets. By retweeting these other marketing blogs, their expansive audience of readers will visit your site. This not only gives you more followers on Twitter, but it also increases traffic to your webpage.

4. Videos

Videos are a great way to break up a wordy feed. They’re eye-catching, easy to watch, and a fun spin on a blog post. Creating video content may seem intimidating at first, but it’s actually easier than you think. Just grab a camera, a clean background, and some cue cards and you’re good to go! Followers will be drawn to your creativity which will drive them to visit your webpage.

5. Photos

Photos are also perfect for catching your followers’ attention. Tweeting out photos straight from your blog or hiring a firm to create visual content is a great way to inform your readers at the bat of an eye. Also, make these photos pinnable! Add a Pin It button so your Twitter followers can share your images with their Pinterest followers. This let’s you reach multiple audiences at once all while increasing traffic to your website.


Quotes are a creative and potentially viral way to inform followers of your company’s services and values in a concise manner. Add a graphic behind your quote and you’ve got an appealing visual that draws readers to your site. You can also retweet quotes from inspirational people or businesses. By doing so, you’re indirectly promoting your brand in a positive light. However, make sure your quotes are targeted to bringing attention to your company.

7. Retweet Mentions

If another Twitter page tweets your post, make sure to retweet them. Retweeting posts where your brand is mentioned is a great way to show followers that you notice them. By doing so, you’re creating a more personal connection with your readers that further builds trust and loyalty. Moreover, followers will feel heard and will promote your brand by word of mouth which will in turn increase traffic.

Let’s Make Your Next Twitter Marketing Campaign a Success!

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