Social Content Studio

Brands today are faced with the need to create a high volume of content for their owned channels and marketing needs — but content for content’s sake won’t get the job done. Consumers are looking for authentic stories and visuals that is about them, not about a brand.

Traditionally, brands have turned to their creative agencies to create this content, but the sheer volume and type required nowadays makes this option expensive and unsustainable.

Sway Group content studio
Sway Group content studio

We  launched our Social Content Studio to bring you the option of securing compelling brand-owned influencer-driven content. After years of activating influencers, we understand what makes their content so successful:

  • It is written in a relatable voice
  • It is based on what they know resonates with their specific audience
  • It feels organic in their social feeds

Without the overhead of a big studio, the Social Content Studio is your partner in bringing this content to life. Our skilled in-house creative team can quickly produce  either photography or video assets (or both!) as needed.
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