Content Studio

Over the years we have seen an explosion of opportunities for digital outreach, resulting in more and more businesses struggling to keep up with content demands. From social media posts and email marketing to website content and promotional materials of all kinds, there’s a seemingly never-ending need for outstanding content that encourages consumers to take action.

This is why we launched our Content Studio, a Sway Group service for securing high-quality, fast-turn brand-owned content. Our team of skilled creators is ready to transform your ideas into eye-catching digital media, all custom developed with your audience and brand KPIs in mind.

Sway Group content studio
Sway Group content studio

Influencer-driven, no need for an influencer campaign.

We have a rich history of delivering best-in-class influencer content for our clients, leveraging years of knowledge of what makes influencer and social media programs successful. We understand that today’s consumers are turning away from traditional advertising in favor of peer recommendations and online reviews, and that influencer-created brand content is often perceived as more authentic and credible.
With the Sway Group Content Studio, you can expand your library of audience-centric content assets, all without ownership limitations or the need to run an influencer marketing campaign.

Our talent pool of creative directors, photographers, videographers, writers, and graphic designers can quickly and efficiently produce the kind of on-trend, original content that resonates with your target audience.

Premium, repurposable brand content without the overhead.

Influencer-created media can come with limited usage rights, but there are no licensing surprises with our Content Studio: you retain full ownership, which means content can be used for any marketing initiative and repurposed over time to extend your investment.

While brands have traditionally turned to creative agencies to secure media for brand channels, this option can be expensive and unsustainable in the best of times — and in the midst of a global pandemic crisis, studios and teams are faced with extraordinary production challenges.

Traditional production shoots are resource-intensive and currently rife with logistical hurdles, while our flexible Content Studio model offers brands the chance to secure quality content without the need for studio sessions or in-person team meetings.