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Facebook can be a key tool in your overall marketing strategy, but over the last few years, brands have noticed consistent declines in organic reach on the social network. This is due to two reasons: millions of companies competing for space in the News Feed and Facebook seeking to increase their revenue (which is mainly generated by selling ads for views and increased reach). We’ve gathered our top 4 ways to increase Facebook post reach for free.

There are up to 100,000 factors that determine if your post will make it to a user’s News Feed. Affinity, weight, and decay, the three factors in Facebook’s algorithm, still weigh in, but other factors are just as important. How many people interact with a post can affect how much it is shown to others, as well as how much the user interacts with specific pages.

Increase Facebook Reach Using Influencers

How to Increase Facebook Post Reach For Free

Try out the 4 ways to increase your organic reach on Facebook:

Post Quality Content, Less Frequently

Buffer wrote a great post on how often you should post to each social network. There is no hard and fast rule, especially one that works for every business in every vertical, but use it as a guide to find what works for your brand. Then, rather than focusing on creating and curating a ton of content, focus on quality content that resonates with your fans.

Engage with Fans

Ask questions in your posts and post content that prompts fans to comment, like and share. When you receive comments, be sure to respond, and as quickly as possible. The more active the page looks, the more likely more fans will comment.

Post at Non-Peak Times

When there are fewer people on Facebook, fewer posts are being shared. You can check your page’s Insights to see when your fans are online. General peak times on Facebook are 6am-3pm, while non-peak are 10pm-3am.

Keep Experimenting

Try different types of posts (video, photo, link, etc.), try posting at different times and frequencies, and about different topics. Keep experimenting and evaluating what is working and what is not. Even when you find what performs well on your page, keep experimenting, as Facebook is constantly changing their algorithm for the News Feed.

Let’s Make Your Next Marketing Campaign with Facebook a Success:

By working with influencers, focusing on social media and video, and enhancing the purchase experience, you can be more successful with brand marketing by using the right marketing tool. Our influencers can integrate brand messaging in their organic content creation and help you reach your specific target audience in the right place at the right time. Contact us to help enhance your marketing with an influencer campaign.