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Tiffany Romero, Sway Group’s President, Influencer Management, is one of Sway Group’s partners, working behind the client curtain to attract the best influencer talent for each campaign. Tiffany is the reason our Massive Sway network of now 80,000 influencers is of the caliber and consistency it is today.

After starting her own personal blog in March 2008, Tiffany quickly recognized the need for a blogger-based community. She created The SITS Girls (which evolved to stand for “The Secret to Success is Support”) as a space where bloggers could find their tribe and grow their audience. Although the site has evolved over the years, its commitment to this mission has not changed. Our Massive Sway network, now powered by The SITS Girls, is a thriving community and resource where bloggers can discover sponsored opportunities, learn the technical skills they need to be successful online and chat in our discussion forum.

Tiffany shares, “When I began The SITS Girls, I had no idea the incredible opportunities, relationships and experiences that would follow. Sticking to the core message of ‘The Secret to Success is Support’ has been the cornerstone of our thriving community and I love hearing of each individual story of success we’ve played a role in. I’m proud of what we’ve built and our growth to remain a positive, helpful and supportive corner of the digital space.”

Starting this week the Sway Group Facebook page is now combined with our Massive Sway Facebook page, where the community is designed for bloggers to engage with each other and connect with sponsored opportunities.

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