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Here are just a few of the headlines that are popping up right now in response to the so-called “de-influencing” trend on TikTok: “Forget influencers. ‘Deinfluencing’ is now a thing” “De-Influencing” Might Just Be the Trend We Need Right Now” “‘De-Influencers’ Want You to Think Twice Before Buying That Mascara”

Woman sitting on a couch with a computer and cell phone.And my personal favorite, in terms of sheer unadulterated MALARKY:

“Gen Z and millennials are rejecting consumer culture on TikTok and ‘de-influencing’ to protect their money”

Media, please. No one is forgetting about influencers. Influencer marketing hasn’t suddenly disappeared in the last two weeks as everyone collectively decides to embrace minimalism. No one is actually rejecting consumer culture or presenting a buy-nothing alternative.

De-influencing is just influencing — except it’s often focused on less viral products.

The so-called de-influencing trend is about curation and personal preferences, not telling consumers to stop buying. De-influencing videos are often focused on the trendiest items that come with a steep price tag (Stanley mugs, Dyson Air Wraps), with the creator offering their own suggested “dupes” or alternatives. Some de-influencing videos are simply intended to shed light on smaller businesses and local alternatives.

It’s obviously tempting for journalists to present this current content trend as anti-consumerism as if it were some sort of much-needed backlash against influencer marketing as a brand strategy. But de-influencing is simply a twist on what has been working all along: influential personalities sharing their lifestyle purchases and preferences via social media.

For some brands, being part of a popular ‘de-influencing’ video in 2023 will be the best marketing they could possibly hope for. In other words …. don’t go forgetting about influencers just yet.

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