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There’s nothing like a few hours to get lost on Pinterest, taking in hundreds of creative hair-braiding tutorials and candid photos of cute baby animals. Unless you are a brand seeking to get in on Pinterest’s expansive fan base and sales boom that has already overtaken Facebook. Then, the social network can seem like a lot of hair-braiding and chimp babies.

How can a brand hone in on the boards that are focused, inspired and generating attention through likes, comments and repins? We surveyed Sway’s most active pinners and found boards full of sumptuous photos paired with recipes, tips and ideas that made us want to keep clicking.

Pinterest Boards To Inspire You

Here are six must-follow pinboards that will inspire — to organize your closets, prep a week’s worth of healthy kiddie snacks, dress the way you’ve always dreamed of looking and stay on top of tech trends — and are rich for outreach opportunities. Kitten memes not included (this time).

Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom: Color pinboard

Gabby’s aesthetic — clear, bright, gushing with color — is all here. Saturated with hues and patterns, paging through the pins will compel you to paint your bedroom coral, cover an Ikea dresser in rainbow-colored contact paper, or dye all your white t-shirts bright yellow.

Brenda Ponnay of Secret Agent Josephine: Invitation Design pinboard

The first impression of a party is the paper or emailed invitation. The invitations Brenda pins here do more than tell guests what to expect — they will inspire a theme, a menu, the perfect party dress and a host of other entertaining ideas.

Isabel Kallman of Alpha Mom: Fun Food pinboard

Want a recipe for an easy, low-carb Thursday night casserole? You can find thousands of those across Pinterest. But if you’re seeking simple recipes for snacks, cakes and lunches that will make kids squeal with delight to eat (and make), then go directly to Alpha Mom’s Fun Food pinboard.

Allison Czarnecki of Petit Elefant: Stylish Outfits pinboard

Much more than a dress with a price tag, this board is full of pins that show exactly how to put together an outfit that is on trend, accessible and motivating for fashionistas, women stuck in a rut with their wardrobes and potential customers seeking seasonal favorites.

SITS Girls: Social Media Rules pinboard

The tech-savvy have infiltated Pinterest with infographics touting trends, how-tos and tips to keep up with what’s next online. The SITS Girls have wisely compiled all of that information on the Social Media Rules board, a one-stop shop for newbies to nerds.

Jennifer Hadfield of Tater Tots and Jello: Party Ideas pinboard

Food, drink and craft brands, take note: Jennifer’s Party Ideas pinboard is brimming with ideas that women will use to plan holiday gatherings, kid birthday bashes, reunions and nights out with the girls. Each beautifully arranged bouquet, place card and themed dish feels is motivation to turn a get-together into an extravaganza.