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Is a picture really worth a thousand words? In our increasingly info-heavy world, visual content has become the most effective way to tell a story. For those of us who are juggling many roles and responsibilities throughout our day, we often gravitate towards visual communication because it’s appealing — and it gets to the point. Quickly.

Ask any tech-savvy mom about her favorite social media platforms and she’s likely to mention visual-based sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Today’s moms are power users, and they’re more demanding than ever when it comes to fine-tuning how they spend their time online. Busy moms are less likely to respond to traditional advertising on social media, but they’re always looking for personal recommendations, valuable content, and authentic experiences they can relate to.

This is where the power of influence really shines. Influencer marketing delivers high ROI because when it’s done right, it’s a win-win for brand and audience alike. Give moms unique, useful sponsored content that actually enhances their lives, and the brand message seamlessly resonates.

  • Sway Group recently partnered with a popular game company to spread awareness and spark conversation about a revamp of its product. The campaign ultimately generated more than 50.6M impressions across all platforms as a result of our influencers’ sponsored blog posts, social media amplification, and a sponsored Twitter party (Pinterest alone pulled in 1.5M impressions with 95 repins). One piece of viral content, which was presented as advice geared to moms, included a printable checklist for family game night.
  • We also helped a food client promote a commodity product with a campaign that generated more than 37M impressions. While it can be a challenge to create excitement around center of the plate food options, Sway Group influencers authored viral recipes that were each pinned more than 100 times on Pinterest thanks to attractive imagery and easy to follow instructions. Popular food bloggers put enormous amounts of effort into their photography, and they know how to support brand campaigns with beautiful images that get shared over and over.

Moms are using Instagram and Pinterest to share and view content that they genuinely care about. In order to reach Mom, you need to grab her attention through fresh visuals, and you need to keep her attention with valuable content. Think about solving her problems or inspiring her, and you’re halfway there.

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