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Micro-Influencers: How They Can Super-Size Your Marketing ROI

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The term micro-influencer has been gaining a lot of traction recently, and for good reason: this category of social media users has an ability to connect with audiences that can far exceed their more popular peers. Brands who are looking to make a big impact should be working with these smaller stars — because millions of followers don’t necessarily mean people are truly listening.

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A (micro) force to be reckoned with

Micro-influencers are, generally speaking, everyday people who have built an active social media following. The number of followers an influencer has to be defined as “micro” can range between 10,000 to 50,000, but the total amount of followers is less important than their engagement rate.

An influencer’s engagement rate is all about how much people are actually interacting with their content: comments, shares, likes, and so on. Celebrity status influencers with followers in the millions often have a much lower engagement rate than influencers with smaller audiences, for a variety of reasons. Large accounts can feel impersonal, they can attract thousands of fake followers, and they often aren’t viewed as authentic and relatable.

In comparison, micro-influencers — who can be focused on lifestyle, food, crafting, fashion, beauty, wellness, or any other niche subject — typically have much higher engagement rates. Whether they have an aspirational brand or feel like an everyday friend, micro-influencers are perceived as regular people sharing their real-life experiences and opinions.

Moving the needle with your target audience

Micro-influencers provide the genuine recommendations that consumers are looking for; their endorsements don’t feel like advertisements, they feel like valuable opinions from a trusted friend. The direct and personal connections they’ve built with their audiences means that people aren’t just passively viewing their content, they’re taking action.

Working with a Kardashian-level influencer may sound like a marketer’s dream, but research has shown that as the number of followers increases, engagement rates fall. Users with 1K-10K followers have a like rate of 4% and 10K-100K have a rate of about 2.4% (and comment rate follows a similar pattern).

Not only do micro-influencers have more sway, they offer a far more targeted audience. These are the influencers who are being followed for specific subjects or types of content, like quick hands-free recipe videos or the latest work-friendly fashion trends. You could partner with an enormously popular (and expensive) celebrity with millions of followers in order to promote your new natural makeup offering — or you could target 100 green-beauty-obsessed bloggers with 1,000 followers each. The second scenario would be much more affordable … and likely more effective.

More bang for your buck

Micro-influencers often outperform the big names because of their passion, knowledge, and accessibility. They generate higher engagement and provide more authenticity than celebrity influencers, all while reaching a more specific audience at a lower price.

In other words, when it comes to marketing, they should really be considered anything but micro. Size does matter, and in this case, the best payoff in influencer marketing often comes in smaller packaging.

Make micro work for you

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