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With more than 237 million daily active users, Twitter is a great social media platform to add to your brand’s marketing strategy. You can generate leads, engage with your audience, promote products and services, drive users to your website, and more!

If you’re wondering how to make the most of Twitter marketing with the Twitter advanced search feature, then you’ve come to the right place!

A Unique Engagement Opportunity

One thing that sets the Twitter experience apart from other platforms is the widely-used re-sharing (known as retweeting) and replying features. These allow you to create original content and increase your brand’s visibility by engaging with other users’ content.

While you can repost and comment on other platforms, Twitter’s retweet and reply features empower users to repurpose content to make it their own and drive conversations instead of comments.

To optimize your audience engagement on Twitter, you need to know what content to engage with. With there being something for everyone on Twitter, the task of sifting and searching for your target audience might seem daunting. That’s why it’s important to understand how to take advantage of the Twitter advanced search feature!

Keep reading for an easy guide on how to use Twitter advanced search in your social media marketing strategy.

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What is Twitter Advanced Search?

Twitter advanced search allows users to execute targeted searches within the platform according to a set of filters, including specific words and phrases, date posted, specific users’ posts, and more.

The advanced search feature allows Twitter to function like a search engine. Targeted searches save you time and allow you to reach the ideal audience for your brand. By finding and interacting with the specific consumers your brand speaks to you can increase your opportunity for quality engagement and lead conversion.

Understanding Twitter Advanced Search

Below, we break down the different Twitter advanced search filters so you can complete strategic Twitter searches that inform your social media marketing strategy.

How to Start an Advanced Twitter Search

1. Start a normal Twitter search in the search bar at the top right corner of your screen. Once you initiate the search, you’ll see a list of basic search filters. At the bottom of that list is a link to redirect you to the advanced Twitter search features.

*Something valuable to note: in a regular Twitter search, you can select the “near you” filter to target content posted by users physically close to your brand location. This can inform marketing strategies to generate local visibility and engagement for your brand.


2. Go directly to the Twitter advanced search page by opening in your internet browser.

The advanced Twitter search filters are broken up into 5 Categories: Words, Accounts, Filters, Engagement, and Dates.

Complete an Advanced Search on Twitter with Targeted Words

Filtering by word allows you to search for posts based on their content.

  1. All of these words: returns content that contains all words included in the search in no specific order or phrasing
  2. This exact phrase: will show posts containing your searched phrase verbatim
  3. Any of these words: delivers content featuring one, a few, or all of the words in your search
  4. None of these words: provides content on your topic that pointedly doesn’t include specific words
  5. These hashtags: returns content that features your searched hashtags
  6. Language: allows you to complete an advanced search for content written in a particular language

Twitter Advanced Search by Account

Filtering by account allows you to search for content posted by, sent to, or involving specific users.

  1. From these accounts: shows content posted by the searched user
  2. To these accounts: shows content sent in response to the searched user
  3. Mentioning these accounts: shows content that tags or mentions the searched user

Filter Your Advanced Search on Twitter by Replies and Links

The replies and links filters control what content comes back to you from your search.

  1. Include replies and original Tweets: will show you a Tweet and its associated thread
  2. Only show replies: allows you to specifically search reply Tweets and engage directly with conversations on topics
  3. Include Tweets with links: will show you content that includes linked materials and content without links
  4. Only show Tweets with links: will only return content with linked materials

Complete an Advanced Twitter Search Based on Post Engagement

The engagement filter allows you to see Tweets with a set minimum amount of three types of engagement:

  1. Replies

Search for Twitter Content by Date

Use the search date filter to search for content posted within a certain timeframe. This is especially beneficial if you’re interested in tracking the latest discussions on specific topics since most Twitter searches return popular content, even if it was posted a long time ago.

How to Use Twitter Advanced Search in Social Media Marketing

Now that you have a foundational understanding of how Twitter advanced search works, we can dive into how you can incorporate it into your social media marketing strategy for the best results.


Filtering your search with targeted keywords or phrases allows you to find posts with content relevant to your brand and niche. See what users are saying about specific topics, gather demographic information on users and Twitter influencers posting content relevant to your brand, and use the “none of these words” filter to search for content that doesn’t include brand competition.

Practical Example: maybe you see a number of users asking similar questions on a hashtag relevant to your brand. Reply to those posts and create an original Tweet that answers that question and orients your brand as a reliable source within your niche.


Filtering your search by accounts allows you to keep track of what users are saying about your brand. Look through replies to your page’s Tweets or view content that mentions your brand. Keep track of positive and negative feedback as a way to improve your Twitter marketing strategy.

Replies and Links Filters

This filter further organizes your search. The reply filter specifically allows you to dive directly into conversations happening about your brand or about topics relevant to your business.


Keep track of trending topics and discussions relevant to your brand or niche by using the engagement filter in your advanced search on Twitter. Topics with low engagement aren’t worth your valuable time and marketing space. Set minimum engagement requirements in the three engagement categories and use the search results to inform your content development.


The date filter works well in combination with the other advanced search filters because you can look for relevant content, conversations, and engagement within specific time frames. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to see what’s trending right now, as opposed to viewing Twitter’s automatic search results, which focus on the most popular content (even if it’s from days, weeks, or months ago).

Bonus Tip: Utilize Your Advanced Twitter Search History

Twitter allows you to save your advance search history. Create a few standard sets of parameters for advanced searches so you can cut through the noise quickly and efficiently every time!

Why Your Brand Should Take Advantage of the Twitter Advanced Search Feature

Twitter advanced search allows you to complete targeted research for your business by looking at what customers and competitors are saying online. This is a great way to go to the source – your consumer base – to get ideas and information to develop impactful Twitter marketing strategies. By marketing your brand on Twitter, you can engage directly with customers, offer quality customer service, and establish your brand’s authority within your niche.

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