Digital Advertising Services

We are digital content experts who use our audience-engaging capabilities to develop successful paid social, programmatic, and search strategies. All of our advertising services include iterative optimization of ads and targeting, allowing us to achieve the highest yield and lowest costs possible.

digital advertising services from Sway Group

Our Digital Advertising Planning & Buying Offerings:

digital advertising services

Paid Social Media Advertising

Our paid social media strategies help you stand out from the crowd and reach laser-targeted audiences.

Even the most compelling social content can get lost in today’s noisy platforms, thanks in no small part to ever-changing display algorithms. We leverage our longtime expertise in matching high-performing content with targeted audiences in order to offer paid social strategies that capture attention and drive meaningful engagement.

Our deep understanding of the kinds of content that generate specific KPIs means that we know how to create and deploy the most effective social ads across any platform. Whether the goal is to boost awareness or to drive specific actions, we can bring your business goals to life with our paid media skill set.

Sway Group offers three types of social advertising services:

  • Promotion of sponsored content as part of a larger influencer marketing campaign
  • Promotion of original brand-owned content created by our Content Studio
  • Promotion of brand-created content, either as part of an influencer campaign or as a stand-alone initiative

Innovative Programmatic Advertising

We offer a unique audience-centric approach for highly successful programmatic ad campaigns.

It was a natural evolution for Sway Group to offer programmatic ad services, given our extensive history with branded content and audience matching. In short, we know how to get the right content in front of the right people — at the right time and place.

While many programmatic services are fully automated, we personally review content and publishers for best-practice placement strategies. We don’t just plug in your data and walk away, we continually refine and optimize based on data-driven insights and our own firsthand expertise.

Knowing that traditional advertisements are largely tuned out by today’s consumers, we create and deploy the kind of programmatic content that feels useful and relevant to your target market.

A few of our programmatic service benefits:

  • Emotionally intelligent display strategies designed to sway your target consumer across premium digital publishers
  • Location-based marketing with targeted messaging to audiences within a specific geolocation
  • Premium publisher websites with quality inventory and proactive brand-safety measures
  • Ability to be structured around influencer content or brand-owned assets, or we can develop the right creative for you via our Content Studio
  • White-glove service for ensuring brand standards and content/channel/audience alignment
  • Ability to convert existing social posts to engaging social display ads: showcase your organic engagement right on the ad, providing social proof and driving strong click-throughs to landing pages. For a full understanding of how this works via Spaceback technology, check out this blog post on the topic.
digital advertising services from Sway Group

Let us sway your target audience.

Our high-touch social, programmatic, and paid social media strategies are holistically developed with brand KPIs in mind.

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