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Instagram’s Ever-Changing and Evolving Aesthetics

By October 11, 2018 November 7th, 2018 No Comments

Instagram’s Ever-Changing and Evolving Aesthetics

instagram aesthetics


When you hear the term “Instagram aesthetics,” a certain visual theme is likely to come to mind — most likely reminiscent of what you tend to see on your customized Instagram feed. Maybe you think of lots of white space and immaculate interior spaces, grungy high-contrast fashion shoots or a green, perfectly lit smoothie. #Blessed.

Instagram is a rapidly-evolving platform and its aesthetics are no different. Today’s on-trend filtered picture is tomorrow’s cliché (we’re looking at you, heart-shaped latte art), and influencers are driving the changes they believe will appeal to their followers.

Brands and marketers now have more opportunities than ever to partner with influencers who can work brand messaging into a look that feels natural for their account and highlight the product in a unique way. The diversity of accounts and audiences means brands can pick and choose influencers whose aesthetics line up with marketing goals.

Here at Sway, we’ve seen firsthand that there’s a place for every brand in today’s Instagram feed. Click here to see a few influencer Instagram trends catching our eye.