Influencer Marketing

Why Influencers Are Not a Commodity

At Sway Group, we’ve been all about influencer marketing since our inception. As the industry grows, we are thrilled to see so many articles extolling its benefits. Less exciting however, is the way in which some companies are positioning influencers as a commodity. Just go to your software of choice, enter your preferred demographics, and voila! A list of influencers. Ready to go. Right? Wrong.

Influencer Marketing Mistake: Why they aren’t a commodity

The truth is that influencer marketing is more art than science. Yes, certain pieces of software can help to identify influencers who fit a certain demographic, but there is so much missing from the equation if software is your only go-to for your influencer marketing needs.  

Although it might be tempting, you cannot simply pick an influencer from a list and expect your campaign to run smoothly. Here’s what happens when you make the influencer marketing mistake of treating them like commodities:  

You will receive blog posts that read like a press release

Make sure you are hiring influencers who can create high quality content that authentically promotes your brand in a style that fits into the organic feel of their platforms. Check out past sponsored work from the influencers on your list. Does it feel authentic? Are you moved?  

You may work with folks who don’t have a good work ethic

Most software programs can’t tell you whether the influencers you are about to work with on your brand’s high-visibility campaign are dependable or not. Do they get their work in on time? Are they consistent in following directions? Will they disclose properly? Can you get all of the above without massive hours of QA on your part?

Your campaign might receive a very low engagement rate

Say it with me… influencers are more than just a number! You may encounter some influencers with high traffic numbers but terrible engagement rates. If you are trying to move the needle in terms of purchase intent, this likely isn’t helpful to your brand. We often find that working with micro-influencers might be a more effective strategy for many brands, so be careful when choosing influencers based on numbers alone.

No virality

When you match up the right brand with the right influencer who creates amazing content, their output will have the best chance to go viral.

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