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You know influencer marketing can be a compelling business strategy. After all, studies show that 90% of consumers trust recommendations from influencers versus just the 33% that trust ads. All that said, you might not be sure that influencer marketing is the right fit for your brand marketing, at this time. When is working with influencers the right choice for your brand? These 5 influencer marketing examples are a good place to start.

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5 Influencer Marketing Examples

While there are many opportunities for influencer marketing, we’ve taken the guesswork out of your decision-making process. Below are five tried and true influencer marketing examples that demonstrate when it is the right strategic answer for brand marketing.

1. You know you need a long-term spokesperson but Kelly Ripa or Ashton Kutcher is out of your budget

Don’t fret. The right online influencer has established trust with their audience and a proven track record of driving action, all at a palatable price point.

2. You need eyeballs on your latest white paper or infographic

By hiring an influencer to help spread the word, you can guarantee that the right people will see the great work your team spent money and man-hours creating. Don’t let good content die.

3. You are launching a new product and want to direct traffic to a specific retailer

You know who is regularly asked and trusted for recommendations? That’s right. Influencers provide “Where to buy?” info to their engaged readers

4. Your services target a very specific audience and you are unsure how to find them

You don’t know any women ages 24-49 with 2+ kids living in the suburbs of Salt Lake City. Not to worry. We do. And we have a direct line to the people who are influencing them.

5. Your product is going through a recall

During a sensitive time, it is imperative to share the facts and disseminate crisis information to your target audience as soon as possible. Continue to update the community on changes made and new processes in place through those they already trust.

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Let’s Make Your Next Marketing Campaign a Success

By working with influencers, focusing on social media and video, and enhancing the purchase experience, you can be more successful with brand marketing if it’s the right fit. By incorporating brand messaging into their organic content creation, our influencers will reach your very specific target needs in the right place at the right time. Contact us to help enhance your marketing with an influencer campaign.