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Influencer marketing and holiday campaigns go hand-in-hand these days.  And while to most of the world summer has just started, once July arrives we in social media marketing  know that holiday planning needs to be in full swing. So if you’re in the midst of planning, here are some suggestions when developing your holiday influencer campaigns.

holiday campaigns

Define your holiday campaign goals

As with any marketing campaign, the best place to start will always be to outline your influencer campaign goals.  This will help determine not only what your influencer campaign could look like, but also on which platform it will best be received.  We’ve developed successful holiday campaigns that:

  • Launched new products
  • Drove general consumer awareness
  • Increased online and in-store sales
  • Engaged consumers through online discussions
  • Connected brands with their charitable giving campaigns

Christmas in July

They say timing is everything, and in influencer marketing, we certainly agree.  While “Christmas in July” seems absurd at times, it’s not something we laugh about here at Sway.  Given that new content can take several months to work its way into the search algorithm on Pinterest, we often recommend that a brand engage influencers in the summer to develop and soft-launch long-form blog content. Soft-launch means that the influencer publishes the post on their blog and begins pinning it strategically on Pinterest, but they don’t do a big social push to their readers on other social channels – that comes later, during the late fall, when readers are looking for that type of content.  This works particularly well for recipes, gift ideas, and other topics consumers search for a lot in the months leading up to holiday season.

Book Early to Get the Best

The holiday time is busy for everyone – influencers are no exception.  Top influencers only have so many available sponsored blog spots in their editorial calendars and they will sell out – so book early to get the best match for your brand.  Because they are so busy and have so many opportunities, their exclusivity term change. While during the rest of the year 30 or 60 days brand exclusivity is fine, during the holidays expect more like seven days.  This exclusivity restriction is another great reason to take advantage of Christmas in July (see above).

Need Some Holiday Inspiration?

So what are some ways that influencers can create holiday content for your brand?

  • Holiday Recipe Development – Food brands that engage influencers to create twists on classics or develop plans for hosting see great engagement and a large number of pins which will last for many years.
  • Gift Guides or the ever popular “Last Minute Gift Guide”  – Almost any brand (from toothbrushes to gadgets) can use this type of influencer content.  We find that Gift Guides for Men and Teens are the most popular searches.
  • DIY the Holidays – Tablescapes, holiday decorations, and homemade gifts are all highly searchable

We’d love to discuss your holiday campaigns and offer creative options for your brand.  Reach out today for a proposal!