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The Basic Recipe for A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

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Finding inspiration for great content is one thing, but figuring out where to start when crafting a new content marketing strategy is another. Building a brand new strategy from the ground up can feel entirely overwhelming. However, even though the actual content may differ, all content marketing strategies consists of four main ingredients that never change. What are these four ingredients?Influencers are Successful Using Content Marketing Strategy

Here are the four main ingredients for a successful content marketing strategy:

1. Establish Your Target Audience

When beginning to craft your content marketing strategy, first ask yourself: Who do you see using your product? Is it moms, dads, or millennials? From there, you can decide on what approach you will take as well as where you will promote your product. If it’s moms, try creating content in the form of blog posts that explain the benefits of your product and how it can alleviate the stress of their daily lives. If it’s dads, try a more technology-centered approach. Dads nowadays are all about having the newest gadgets that will benefit themselves as well as their family. If it’s millennials, move your content to social media platforms. Millennials are glued to their smartphones and are constantly communicating via tweets, Facebook status updates, and Snapchats.

2. Set Social Media Goals

Social media is a marketer’s most resourceful tool for creating viral content. So set goals as to how many shares, retweets, and likes you wish to obtain with your content marketing strategy. This way, you can decide which social media site is best for promoting your product as well as how you will use the social media’s features to achieve your marketing goals. Social media goals should, of course, be realistic but also challenging. Setting goals that you are able to accomplish are great, but setting goals that are harder to reach results in a greater reward than just more customers.

3. Create a Content Execution Plan

By setting social media goals, you can then create a plan as to how you will not only attain your desired amount of likes but also how and when you will publish your content. By staying on top of your scheduling, you can ensure you receive the most amount of shares possible. A simple way to identify the best times to post is to review your current analytics on the social media application you will use to promote your product. Unsure where to find the analytics page for the social media platform you’re going to use? This link is your go-to guide.

4. Work with Influencers

Influencers are masters at creating magnetic content to grab your audience’s attention. They are perfectly skilled in encapsulating your brand’s core messaging and portraying it in a way that sounds authentic and will resonate with their followers. Because they already have a wide following, you can easily tap into audiences you wouldn’t otherwise reach. Since influencers already have their followers’ trust, they have large sway over their audience’s purchasing power. After all, they’re not called influencers by coincidence! Because of this, their followers are more likely to look further into a product they are promoting. If you need help incorporating influencer marketing into your content marketing strategy, just contact us and we’ll get you on your way to your best content marketing strategy yet!

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