Shopper Marketing

At Sway, we know the critical role online research and peer influence plays in shopper marketing, and we can help you develop effective programs that support your big-picture sales goals. Today’s consumer-driven path to purchase is inspired by people, not advertising, and we understand how to deliver the content audiences are looking for.

With brand KPIs in mind, we source influencers who specialize in the subject matter best suited for each campaign, from the amazing food blogger to the Instagram fashionista. While we demand a high level of quality from our content creators, we also supply them with the resources they need to drive their own engagement and grow their audience.

Each of our shopper-focused influencer programs has 6-8 dedicated staff members managing daily tasks through completion, including a comprehensive post-campaign report. Whatever your customer sales journey looks like, we have the resources and trusted voices to inspire, educate, and convert.

Sway Group specializes in influencer marketing for shopper marketing

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