Brand Challenge:

VSP came to Sway Group with the goal of growing brand awareness while educating people on the importance of eye health during Healthy Vision Month.

Campaign Success:


Actual Impressions




Comments & Replies




TikTok Video Views


Clicks to VSP Website

The Sway Solution:

With authentic messaging in mind, Sway Group sourced a diverse group of lifestyle and family influencers who were personally affected by the issue of eye health and genuinely cared about the topic. Influencers were given flexible content prompts that allowed them to share their personal stories and experiences, developing eye-catching imagery and video that helped educate target audiences about the importance of eye health and vision insurance.

Healthy Vision Month was the perfect time to share the importance of eye health and proactive eye care. While sharing real life vision experiences, influencers also gave useful tips for better eye health which motivated their audience to be more proactive about maintaining healthy eye care habits.

Through strategic paid amplification, top-performing influencer content reached audiences beyond those of the influencers themselves.

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