Project Profile: New App Launch

​Building Brand Awareness and Increasing App Downloads

Brand Challenge:

A streaming media/media player platform company came to Sway Group for an influencer marketing campaign that would build overall brand awareness for their streaming platform, with the secondary goal of increasing app downloads.


Video Views




Clicks to brand website

The Sway Solution:

We targeted TikTok and Instagram for this campaign, knowing that a video-centric approach would work best for the brand’s goals. Recruitment was focused on a diverse selection of demographically-aligned influencers who were relatively tech-savvy and genuinely interested in streaming content.

Each influencer created original TikTok videos, Instagram Reels videos, and Instagram Stories that introduced the brand’s service with a quick, easily-digestible overview of how it works and why they love it. Campaign information was shared in the influencers’ natural (and expected) storytelling styles, ensuring that all targeted audiences would receive relevant messaging that would not stand out as an insincere advertisement.

One popular TikTok post from this campaign was shared as part of his ongoing ‘Websites You Won’t Believe Exist’ series, and featured the influencer interacting with the brand’s website to show how easy it is to stream for free. A barely-visible second tab with a funny name (“how to train a dog to rob a bank”) in his browser window was unrelated to the campaign but intentionally included, which drove extra interest and views from delighted audiences.

Another well-received post was shared on Instagram by a married couple, who were able to lean into the relatable humor of wasting time each night trying to find something to watch together. Their lighthearted skit and dance scene captured their audience’s attention, while their commentary drove awareness for the brand’s benefits (in particular, the ability to create a watchlist) and shared a call to action to download the app.

All influencer content incorporated a strong call to action for audiences to visit the brand’s supported landing page to trial the service and/or download the app. The top-performing social content from this campaign was leveraged into paid amplification that extended the overall campaign reach and engagement.