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we will sway your target consumer.

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We empower women through the elevation of their knowledge and voices.
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We are data driven, but not
data dependent.

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Influencer campaigns are only as good as the quality of content they generate.
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We are hands-on in managing every aspect of your campaign.
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‘The Sway’ allows us to incubate new talent while educating and supporting those who have worked with us for years.
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Influencer Marketing

We specialize in the intricacies and nuances of influencer marketing and only influencer marketing.
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instagram aesthetics
Sway Group
October 11, 2018

Instagram’s Ever-Changing and Evolving Aesthetics

Instagram's Ever-Changing and Evolving Aesthetics   When you hear the term “Instagram aesthetics,” a certain…
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All we do is specialize in the intricacies and nuances of
influencer marketing.

And only influencer marketing.