Inspires Delicious Holiday Kitchen Memories


social media and blog engagements


pieces of content created by influencers


Unique CTR

The Challenge:

    1. Within a two-week time frame, strategize and launch a campaign positioning McCormick’s line of herbs and spices as kitchen must-have during the holidays
    1. Incorporate brand messaging into content that celebrates nostalgic memories and modern recipes for the holiday cooking season

The Sway Solution:

In order to launch the campaign quickly, Sway implemented an attention-grabbing content strategy designed for fast rollout and high-impact results.

Our strategies included:

  • Targeted food-focused influencers were engaged to create seasonally relevant content that showcased various McCormick ingredients in unique, original recipes
  • Eye-catching, shareable photos with a nostalgic theme meant that each post included emotionally compelling stories and visuals
  • From baking staples to savory snacks to breakfasts for a crowd, influencers’ creations had the goal of inspiring cooks and bakers for years to come, while demonstrating the many uses of McCormick’s spices and herbs