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Marketing to the Modern Family

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In 2017, our nation is more diverse than ever before. With that said, it’s important brands take note and learn to craft campaigns that cater to this vast variety of audiences. So stop and reflect on how you brand is approaching families with your advertisements. Are your campaigns specific to their characteristics? Or do you apply a one-size-fits-all method? Luckily, we’re here to help by providing our best tips to marketing to the modern family.

Marketing to the modern family
Things to Keep in Mind When Marketing to the Modern Family

Here is everything you need to know about marketing to the modern family:

The Uniqueness of the Modern Family

First, let’s start off with some statistics. Did you know that today’s U.S. families are the most diverse ever? Check this out:

  • 83% of new moms are millennials
  • 41% of births are to unmarried women
  • 21% of families speak a language other than English at home
  • 34% of children live in single parent households
  • 45% of same-sex couples are married, more than a quarter of whom are raising children

How Brands Should Respond

When connecting with families today, it’s key that brands are not about trying to be all things to all people. Families are diverse in gender, race, ethnicity, relationships, and more. Connect with families by acknowledging the infinite varieties in our world today. Bond over the differences and the shared experiences of diversity.

Because of these differences, inclusivity is key. Think about how your language and images will be interpreted by all members of all types of families. Rather than communicating with “moms,” consider reframing to talk directly to the stay-at-home parent, the financial manager of the family, or the shopper in the family. In today’s world, dads take on much more responsibility in the home than past generations.

Our Example

Last year, a national fast-casual restaurant partnered with Sway Group to promote new, healthier kids menu items to families. By crafting inclusive messaging and engaging a diverse group of influencers with children, the campaign was a great success. It garnered over 11 million impressions and 600 shares and comments across social media.

Summertime means more family time and shared experiences with kids out of school. Now is the time to start planning your family-focused influencer marketing campaign. Learn how our influencer network can help you reach families.

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