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Of course you’ve heard of millennial moms and by now probably have a place for them in your marketing strategy, but what about millennial dads? Yes they still wear short-sleeve button ups, khaki shorts, and leather slip-on sandals. However, this new breed of dad is different because of his unique family values, knack for technology, and placement of quality over quantity. So make room millennial moms, because in June, the spotlight is on dad! Keep reading to find out how to successfully market to the millennial dad.Influencer Marketing Company Tips to Reach Millennial Dads

How to Effectively Market to the Millennial Dad

We break down the characteristics of this new type of dad to understand how to properly market to them:

Family Matters

While the traditional and millennial dad love spending time with their kids, they do so in different ways. For example, the millennial dad is more likely to do household chores, drive the kids to activities, and plan play-dates. So what does this mean for marketers? It means millennial dads make a lot of family purchases like cleaning products to complete these household chores or crayons for their kids to play with during play-dates. With that said, marketers should emphasize this newfound involvement in their campaigns. To do so, center your ads to depict both parents using a cleaning product to clean up a mess or a dad driving a new model of a vehicle to pick up the kids from school. Whatever the product might be, the millennial dad doesn’t want his involvement to go unnoticed.

The Digital Dad

Whether it be a tablet or smartphone, millennial dads are always first in line when it comes to new gadgets. That’s because millennial dads put their kids above all else, so any device that instantly gives them access to the parental knowledge they’re looking for is a win. These dads are also always on the go meaning they love mobile devices that give them the resources they need at the touch of a button. In fact, Google found that 59 percent of millennial dads use their smartphones more than any other device to search for parenting information. For marketers, this means that any content they publish should fit nicely on a mobile screen as well as be relevant to both parents. In the end, it’s what we marketers already know–people want to be engaged and recognized rather than sold to.

Quality Over Quantity

While the millennial mom wants the best product for a buck, the millennial dad doesn’t mind if he has to pay a little more for the better product. By knowing this, marketers can efficiently market to these dads by detailing the capabilities of their product. How can marketers do this without employing information overload? By working with influencers, of course! Influencers are great for demonstrating products in ways that are creative, fun, and engaging. Working with influencers to target this particular audience is effective because millennial dads are more likely to watch or read a review about a product. Therefore, you’ll not only capture these dads with your own ad, but also by going the extra step to partner with an influencer they’ll look to before purchasing.