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You’ve probably seen a lot of recent coverage about Instagram being in the midst of testing a like-free environment. There are, of course, plenty of doomsday articles out there trumpeting THE END OF INFLUENCER MARKETING because without those teeny hearts, how will we all go on functioning? (One of my favorite headlines: Instagram Is Removing Likes and Influencers Are Freaking Out!) So what really will happen to influencer marketing if Instagram hides likes?

what will change if instagram hides likes?

If Instagram Hides Likes

In the new display, users will still be able to see the likes and views their own posts have received, but the total number of likes and video views on the accounts they follow will be hidden. While Instagram hasn’t yet made a final decision about the feature, I have some thoughts about how things may shift if likes become a thing of the past.

Hint: it won’t be all bad if Instagram hides likes. It may actually be pretty positive, for influencers, users, and the industry as a whole. Here are a few quotes from some influencers in our network on the issue:

Taking away likes is going to relieve some of the stress of knowing that folks “have your number”. I think it’ll encourage creators to be original again instead of doing things because they know certain types of content always get likes! Brandi Riley – Mama Knows It All & Courage To Earn

I hope that with Instagram removing likes, people will no longer feel like they don’t measure up or aren’t enough. People are so much more than a number and I hope this encourages that sentiment. Clarissa Laskey, Passports & Parenting

In an age where likes feel superficial it’s nice to see Instagram challenging both brands and content creators to look deeper and measure value through emotional connection and conversation. Jillian Warner, Hello Splendid

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