Is Sway Group a full-service influencer marketing agency?

Yes! Sway Group is a full-service influencer marketing agency.

One of our primary goals at Sway Group is to make life easier for our clients.  From recruitment to influencer relations to quality assurance and reporting, we are right there with you every step of the way.  Our team handles the recruitment and management of all influencers, tracks all content to ensure it’s compliant and meets FTC guidelines, handles all paperwork and influencer payments and more!

I don’t know exactly what type of influencer program would work for my brand - can you help?

Of course!  Our Strategy & Insights team can help you develop programming and content concepts based on your KPIs, historical social trends, past campaign performance metrics and calendar-based, consumer search behavior. In most scenarios, our strategic development for a campaign begins long before execution.  This allows our team to not only understand your specific KPIs and goals, but also to ensure the campaign delivers against the ROI you’re looking for. We will then work with our influencers to place the right content, in the right format, on the right platform(s), at the right time just for your brand.

What's the benefit to working with an influencer agency vs an automated influencer platform?

We believe that influencer marketing works best when there is an authentic, organic fit between messenger and message, which is why we at Sway Group work so hard to create and manage the right kind of partnerships. Whether we’re finding the perfect person to share your brand message, developing content strategies that truly resonate with audiences, or making sure your campaign is executed without a hitch, we know how to help you succeed. At the end of the day, software algorithms simply can’t replace the all-important human element.

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Do you provide reporting as part of your service?

Yes! On every campaign, we sift through the data to tie it back to your specific brand KPIs, giving you reports with data you can use.  We gather many different types of data for our clients, including links to all influencer-created content, a summary of total potential impressions achieved, platform-specific engagement metrics, and screenshots of platform highlights of each flight.  Our goal is always to keep the latest trends and findings in mind as we analyze the results.  And if you need something specific or outside the norm, we’re open to exploring how to provide it for you.

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How does Sway Group find and select influencers?

We have strong relationships with our influencers and make it our mission to pair the best influencers to each program. Sway offers a full-service, high-touch, human execution process, as opposed to a technology based-platform where you are responsible for the program details on your own. During influencer vetting, we ask a series of detailed questions in order to learn as much as we can about the influencers and to better understand their potential fit for a campaign. There are a number of elements that our team looks at when selecting influencers including relevance, reach, and influence.

Our highly experienced Influencer Management team then closely vets each application to select the right influencers for your campaign, allowing us to generate amazing content and results that track back to your brand’s KPIs.

Who are The SITS Girls? What is The Sway?

Founded in 2008 and acquired by Sway Group in 2014, The SITS Girls, which was later renamed, The Sway, is a place where influencers who make their living online can connect with each other and share best practices. Unlike other networks that were created for the sole purpose of monetization, for us, community came first, and the monetization piece came second. This is crucial to who we are and why we are so powerful.

To this day, we dedicate a large amount of resources to our community, because we know that when our influencers are successful and highly skilled at creating engaging content, then our clients are successful too.

Can Sway Group target particular geographic areas?

Yes we can!​ As with anything, the more targeting parameters you place, the smaller the pool of influencers to choose from will be. We suggest not only looking at where the influencer is located, but also where their audience is located.

Does influencer marketing work for every brand?

The best part about influencer marketing is that no two campaigns are exactly the same. When you create a tailored campaign featuring the right content on the right platform, at the right time, we believe influencer marketing can be an integral part of most any marketing mix.  We’ve seen tremendous success in categories that don’t immediately seem like they would be a good fit for an influencer campaign.

Awkward health issues? Tricky to explain? Not exciting?  We love a challenge – contact us!

Does Sway Group follow the FTC Guidelines for sponsored content?

At Sway, we’ve taken the FTC guidelines for sponsored content seriously from day one and carefully ensure that all of our influencers follow them on every campaign. Unlike some networks that handle compliance via software, we believe that compliance is best ensured by human beings. We have a robust Quality Assurance team in place whose job it is to check every piece of content within 24 hours of it going live (and prior to go live for campaigns when content approval is built in[SG5] ).

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What is a micro-influencer?

Micro influencers are defined as content creators that have between 10K and 100K followers on any given social platform. We are lucky to have some of the top micro influencers on Instagram as part of our influencer network. We also engage nano influencers (under 10K), macro influencers (100-500K) and celebrity level influencers if your campaign benefits from those types of influencers.

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