Influencer Management

Make FOMO Part of Your Influencer Marketing Plan

influencer marketing plan

In 2013, the Oxford English Dictionary added the increasingly common term “FOMO”, defining it thusly: fear of missing out: anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website Yes, FOMO is a real word — and a real phenomenon. Thanks to the pervasive nature of social media, many…

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How to Manage Large-Scale Influencer Campaigns In-House

Large-Scale Influencer Campaigns

Looking to make a truly big splash with your marketing in 2019? A high-volume influencer campaign may be the best way to get the word across to your target audience, without the distrust and disinterest that can accompany advertising efforts. High-volume influencer marketing allows brands to reach consumers with content that feels organic and relevant, while also benefiting from the economies…

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How to Stop Influencer Fraud Before It Starts

influencer fraud

Don’t let influencer fraud devalue your campaign The New York Times article, The Follower Factory further exposed the serious issue of influencer fraud that lurks within the space on Twitter and other platforms, as well. The story outed Devumi, a company with a fake Manhattan address that appears to make its money by generating fake followers for social media celebrities and…

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