Content Marketing

Five Big Content Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

content marketing mistakes

“Content marketing” is a buzzword-sounding term that unfortunately is being used interchangeably with influencer marketing, native advertising and audience-centric marketing. At Sway Group, we’re often asked what content marketing is all about. In a nutshell, content marketing is the art and science of creating and sharing valuable free materials for a specific audience. While it’s wildly popular today, content marketing…

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Digital Marketing Tips Direct From Brands Running Successful Influencer Campaigns

digital marketing tips

Overwhelmed by the amount of advice online for digital marketing? We get it: there’s a tsunami of information out there, and it can be tough to figure out what’s actually relevant for your business goals. Influencer marketing is often presented as a standalone tactic, but it’s most effective when integrated within a larger digital toolbox. In order to get the…

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Influencer Content We’re Loving

influencer content

At Sway, there is no better way to celebrate #NationalHighFiveDay (yes, that’s a thing) than giving a big shoutout to FIVE of our brand partners we’ve had the privilege of working with recently. From amplifying messaging around #TheBigGame with Farm Rich to sharing #InMyErgo hacks for ErgoBaby, we love helping our clients engage their audiences with content that truly resonates….

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4 Tips for a Killer Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategy

A content marketing strategy is a plan for building a relationship with your target audience by giving them relevant, useful content. It means you’ve put in the time to understand your audiences and distribution channels, and you have defined your business goals. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, drive sales, or foster customer loyalty, your content marketing strategy is…

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5 Strategic Benefits of Multi-Flight Influencer Programs

For brands looking to take their influencer marketing to the next level, multi-flight programs are an extremely effective way to boost outreach and capture attention. These types of time-spanning programs not only strengthen an audience’s connection to a brand with repeat engagements, they allow brands to quickly calibrate and improve each campaign based on how audiences are reacting. 5 Strategic…

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Back-To-School Marketing: Earn an “A” with Influencer Marketing

back to school marketing

Whether you want to connect with moms of young children or moms with older kids heading off to college, the time to develop your back-to-school marketing plan is now. Every day, more people are turning to their online communities as trusted information sources, making influencer marketing a strong strategy to earn awareness and engagement for your brand. Create buzz around…

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Evergreen Content: What is it? Why do I care?

evergreen content

Certain types of content, by their nature, are time-sensitive – i.e. promotions, holidays, new product launches. That said, producing evergreen content helps brands stay relevant all year round – keeping their readers engaged and enticing more traffic to their site. Evergreen Content: What is it? Why do I care? What is evergreen content, you ask? Similar to evergreen trees which…

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