5 tips for using influencers to alleviate a crisis

By Tracie Nall  /  May 22, 2018
When working to preserve your reputation and respond honestly to a PR catastrophe, your social media connections can save the...
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Five Influencer Marketing Myths That Could Ruin Your Campaign

By Tracie Nall  /  May 1, 2018
In an ever-shifting technological and social landscape, getting started with influencer marketing can feel like an intimidating venture for brands...
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#MeToo and #TimesUp Have Done Their Part. It’s Time for Higher-Ups to Do Theirs

By Tracie Nall  /  April 9, 2018
I was 26 years old and living in Toledo, Ohio. I had just landed my first big job, running two...
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How Mom Bloggers Helped Create Influencer Marketing

By Tracie Nall  /  March 19, 2018
It’s Women’s History Month, an annual recognition of the many women who have made contributions to history, culture and society,...
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Think Your Brand Is Too Boring Or Awkward For Influencer Marketing? Think Again!

By Tracie Nall  /  March 12, 2018
As brands are increasingly turning to influencer-created content to highlight their products and services, it’s easy to see how certain...
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How to Stop Influencer Fraud Before It Starts

By Tracie Nall  /  February 1, 2018
Opinion: Agencies have plenty of resources to apply against this growing issue
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Critical Strategies For Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns

By Tracie Nall  /  January 17, 2018
Great influencer marketing content can sway opinions, spark conversations, increase brand loyalty and boost sales. It’s the critical difference between...
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12 Essential Tips To Increase Your Revenue As A New Advertising Agency

By Tracie Nall  /  January 16, 2018
Advertising agencies generated a generous $48.3 billion in revenue in 2016, according to a report by AdAge, revenue that was...
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Why Eliminating Net Neutrality Is Bad for Women

By Tracie Nall  /  January 15, 2018
The FCC’s recent vote to eliminate net neutrality stands to impact some of the country’s most enterprising innovators. It’s a...
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How To Pick The Right Agency For Your Business: 5 Things To Consider

By Tracie Nall  /  January 11, 2018
Whether you don’t have the necessary resources or expertise, or you just need extra help to improve your organization’s sales...
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5 Ways for Influencers to Leverage Pinterest’s Smart Feed Algorithm

By Tracie Nall  /  January 8, 2018
If you’ve been thinking of Pinterest as a social platform similar to Instagram or Facebook, it’s probably time to adjust...
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With FTC cracking down, how should brands approach influencer marketing?

By Tracie Nall  /  January 1, 2018
Influencer marketing is having a moment. The tactic has become so popular — and, presumably, effective — even the Clinton...
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Sway Group Acquires iFabbo

By Tracie Nall  /  August 1, 2016
Sway Group is widening its sphere of influence. The content marketing agency has acquired iFabbo, a network of beauty, fashion...
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INC. 5000 How This Entrepreneur Built a $4.3 Million Marketing Agency for Mommy Bloggers

By Tracie Nall  /  January 4, 2016
For years, Danielle Wiley's business idea stared her in the face--until one day when she just had to act.
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PR PROfile: Danielle Wiley, Sway Group

By Tracie Nall  /  November 11, 2015
What opportunities in the marketplace led you to start Sway Group? While at Edelman, I recognized a need for a...
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