May 29, 2024
After “Real Housewife” and Skinnygirl Cocktails Founder Bethenny Frankel made headlines for being turned away from a Chanel store in...
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Agency News You Need To Know This Week

May 3, 2023
California Raisins selected Influencer and branded content agency Sway Group as its lead agency to handle influencer marketing, following a...
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Creators Pretend To Be At Coachella—What It Means For Brands’ Influencer Event Strategies

April 19, 2023
Influencer marketers aren’t keen on creators lying to their audiences, saying it erodes trust. Danielle Wiley, CEO of Sway Group,...
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Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney Partnership—Marketing Experts React to Controversy

April 11, 2023
While the controversy over Bud Light’s partnership with a trans influencer isn’t blowing over so easily, Danielle Wiley, CEO of...
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Why Super Bowl Ads Will Likely Bypass Influencers

January 3, 2023
Danielle Wiley, CEO, and founder of influencer marketing agency Sway Group discusses the trend of Brands using traditional celebs rather...
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Instagram’s TikTok-like Changes Don’t Annoy Advertisers Like They Do the Kardashians

July 28, 2022
It’s clear that a lot of everyday Instagram users aren’t pleased with the platform trying to copy TikTok, but advertisers...
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Influencer Marketing

June 2, 2022
As the U.S. inflation rate surpasses 8%, marketers are starting to feel the pain in their advertising budgets. Brands such...
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The Ad World Reacts To Roe Vs. Wade News

May 17, 2022
On May 2, the news that the Supreme Court had voted to strike down Roe v. Wade sent shockwaves across...
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March Madness and Influencer Marketing – What Brands Should Know

March 11, 2022
AdAge - This year’s March Madness will be a learning moment for brands navigating new rules allowing players to profit...
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Even Influencers Are Impacted By Supply Chain Shortages

November 17, 2021
Creators are still in demand even as brands' marketing plans are in flux this holiday season
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How Influencers Are Helping Cities Attract Remote Workers

October 12, 2021
As working from home has become the norm, plenty of employees are no longer required to live where their company...
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14 Instagram, TikTok And YouTube Influencers Brands Should Know

September 29, 2021
It seems like every brand is on the hunt for influencers. And eager marketers are looking to strike more long-term...
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How The Ad Industry Really Measures Success In The Covid Age

September 27, 2021
We are living in the age of Big Data. Getting a handle on the metrics that measure campaign success matters...
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Why Nano Influencers Are Important For Brands

September 21, 2021
Marketing experts find that loyal nano-influencer followings mean high engagement.
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Top 3 Takeaways From The Small Agency Conference and Awards

August 25, 2021
Earlier this month, the Ad Age Small Agency Conference delved into some critically important subjects for the advertising community, in...
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AMP SPOTLIGHT: How The ‘She-cession’ Has Transformed Advertising

May 19, 2021
Since the onset of the pandemic, the U.S. has witnessed an exodus of women from the labor force. Mothers are...
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Influencers And Their Agencies Are The Unintended Victims Of The Facebook Boycott

July 6, 2020
Brand cutbacks add salt to the wounds of influencers already reeling from COVID-19.
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Reddit Strikes Sharing Deal With Snap

October 11, 2019
Reddit has struck a deal with Snapchat to have its content shared and shown on the photo sharing app, Reddit...
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August 13, 2019
In this week's Technically Speaking, Microsoft’s Mixer presents a challenge to Amazon’s Twitch—using a real-life ninja.
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Now, Mommy Bloggers Have Their Own Talent Agency

June 20, 2011
Sway Group Taps Into Niche Market by Matching Writers With PR Firms to Book Branded Campaigns, Assist in Generating Revenue
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