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4 Steps to Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

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Consumers are smart, especially online, forcing those of us in marketing and advertising to get more creative in how we reach them. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach based on developing quality, relevant content for a specific audience. When done correctly, it can attract, retain, and educate your target audience, creating a connection between the consumer and your company. So where do you start out when navigating the world of content marketing? You’re in luck because we’ve put together 4 simple steps to creating your best content marketing strategy!

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4 Steps to Creating Your Best Content Marketing Strategy

Try out these 4 steps to create a content marketing strategy that will reach millennials:

1. Set content marketing goals that align with your business goals

Every piece of content you decide to publish should serve a purpose for your overall marketing efforts. So consider these common objectives when planning your content:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive traffic back to your website
  • Increase sign-ups or sales
  • Drive audience to a lead generating landing page

These objectives not only help garner social media engagement from your audience but they also help you think of content that will benefit business metrics like traffic and sales.

2. Establish the target audience and content types best suited to your business

Gather as much information about your target audience as you can. What types of content do they share? Where do they spend most of their time online? How can you reach them most effectively? Once these questions are answered, you can determine the type of content that will be most effective. Depending on your campaign goals, you might choose video tutorials and product demos, or contests and case studies.

3. Create a content execution plan and promotion process

Your content execution plan is the road map for how each idea turns into the final product. But what exactly should your execution plan include? A schedule, idea process, project brief and content responsibility structure. The content promotion process is where you’ll determine how to get maximum reach and effect. Moreover, this will include where, how long, number of times, and how much money you’ll dedicate to promote each piece of content.

4. Measure and enhance your content marketing

Before running any content, identify how you will track performance and create a schedule for tracking. Once your content marketing campaign is wrapped, these measurements will provide you with key metrics to help benchmark goals and solidify plans for future campaigns.

Still need more insight into what exactly content marketing is? We’ve got you covered with Content Marketing 101. Contact us to learn how our influencers can help you create your most successful content marketing strategy yet.

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