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3 Ways Influencer Marketing Can Enhance Out of Home Advertising

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Influencer marketing is certainly gaining more attention for its authentic impact and direct ROI for brands. As influencer marketing campaigns continue to grow, how can you make sure yours stands out? One great way: utilizing online influencers offline at out of home advertising events. Combine online reach with out of home advertising by inviting relevant online influencers as attendees to your brand’s social event or hire influencers to host a sponsored live party.

3 ways to use out of home advertising to enhance your live event

Out of Home Advertising with Influencers

Here are 3 ways to influencer marketing can enhance your out of home advertising:

1. Influencers Will Bring Your Brand to Life

Moving offline and hosting a live event can be very effective in bringing your brand message to life. By bringing several influencers together for a party and asking them to amplify your message on social media and/or in a blog post, you will reach their audiences in a real, authentic way. Readers can see exactly how your product works and understand its advantages. Whether it’s a food product they can experiment with in several dishes, or a baby product that can be demonstrated by the influencer.

2. Connect Face-to-Face

At events, your product or service can be introduced to a highly connected audience face-to-face. This results in ongoing conversations that spread virally across multiple social networks and blogs. Each influencer who attends shares sponsored blog posts and images following the event on their social media networks. This in-person engagement with your product, and the excitement generated from experiencing it as part of the larger group, will make the influencer’s post even more vibrant and life-like when they share their story with their audience online.

3. Show, Don’t Tell

There’s a reason why referrals from friends, or suggestions from a trusted expert (in this case, an influencer) are so valuable: they’re real. When an influencer’s audience sees her actively participating with a brand or product at a live event, and then proudly sharing the details of her experience online, they know it’s authentic because she personally experienced the product. Influencers can help show their audience why your product is the best from their real-life interaction. Moreover, the influencer can bring the party, and your product, to life online. This is accomplished by sharing personal anecdotes from the event, engaging images of their experience, and conversations with another influencer in attendance.

Want to see how influencers can amplify an OOH event? This campaign with Prismacolor is a great example. By hosting a live coloring party event, Sway Group engaged influencers with the product in real life. The influencers then wrote blog posts and amplified their stories on social media. The campaign was highly successful! It garnered more than 47 million impressions (3x the original impression goal) and generated buzz online, with more than 1,600 comments and tweets on social media.

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