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FROM OUR CEO: Since December is such a low-key month with so very little going on (*weak, sarcastic laugh*), I like to add “peer into crystal ball and make accurate influencer marketing forecasts” to my to-do list. Get all the holiday stuff, do all the holiday things, and oh yeah PREDICT THE FUTURE.

For the last several years, I’ve been sharing my top influencer predictions for the coming year with Forbes. It’s no easy task — but I have to give us props, our track record for doing so is pretty decent: when you look at our best guesses for 2020, 2021, and 2022, I’d say most of what we saw coming was fairly accurate!

Man wearing ear buds and holding phone up to film a video.

This year was every bit as challenging, especially given recent turmoil among, say, top social media platforms who are run by billionaires whose names rhyme with Feelon Husk, just as a totally random example. However, I’m feeling good about our selections for the top on-trend strategies for influencer marketing in 2023, which include:

  • AI-Generated Graphics/Art
  • Shoppable Content
  • Influencer Subscriptions
  • Search Goes Social
  • The (Potential) Rise of the Super App
  • YouTube Shorts

Be sure to click through to Forbes for our full article: 6 Influencer Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2023. Let us know if you agree with our picks — and if you want more info on how our agency can leverage these trends on your behalf!

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