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FROM OUR CEO: Hello, and happy 2023! What a relief that we’re starting out the new year with such a relaxing, gently-paced, and fully normal and precedented series of national and global events, right?

As we kick off 2023, I thought I’d take a quick minute to update you on where Sway Group can be found online these days. You may have noticed that there was quite a bit of social platform upheaval in 2022, and in the same way we advise the brands we work with, our agency took a step back to re-evaluate our digital presences and prioritize resources.

Woman sitting at a desk with a phone working on a computer.This year, you can engage with Sway Group in a variety of ways online:

  • Follow us on TikTok. Our agency account is relatively new, but we’re adding more content every day.
  • Check out our new Instagram! Follow Sway Group on Instagram for updates, campaign examples, and more — don’t miss our podcast giveaway which we recently launched via Stories.
  • Listen to our Art of Sway podcast. We launched The Art of Sway, our marketing podcast, in late 2022, with an astounding 12 episodes total for season 1. You can catch up on any or all of these past episodes on our website, and stay tuned for new episodes from season 2, launching January 23!
  • Hang out with me on Twitter. I’m still active there, although we did retire our agency Twitter for the time being.
  • Connect with us on LinkedIn. For company updates and industry news and commentary, you can connect with our agency account on LinkedIn.

You can also meet with us irl in 2023 — woo hoo! We are of course well-versed in setting up remote presentations and informal learning opportunities, but we’re very excited to be getting back to in-person meetings this year. Get in touch with us any time to set up a lunch and learn for your team.