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I’ve been keeping an eye on the news, just like you probably have — the buzz around a potential TikTok ban is hard to ignore. It’s got a lot of folks wondering about the future of influencer marketing and what this might mean for our strategies and campaigns. You might’ve caught my thoughts in a recent NYMag article on this very topic.

Here at Sway Group, we’ve been connecting brands with top-notch creators for over 13 years. Remember the early days? It was all about blogs and Twitter. Platforms come and go, but what stays constant is the creativity and impact of the influencers we work with. No matter where they are and how they share their content, they keep drawing people in with their originality and authenticity. That’s the real magic of what we do.

As for what’s next? Right now, we’re all in a ‘wait and see’ phase. There’s no need for any sudden moves. It’s smart, however, to think about spreading your presence across various platforms. Whether TikTok stays or goes, your audience will still be out there, tuning into Instagram, YouTube, and other growing channels. It’s about staying flexible and ready to pivot, making sure your brand is wherever the audience goes.

Don’t worry, because we’ve got your back. No matter how the platforms shift, Sway Group is here to ensure your brand continues to engage with the best creators and craft campaigns that truly resonate. Together, we’ll keep navigating these changes, creating meaningful and impactful connections that drive action.

Here’s to continuing to adapt and thrive, no matter what comes our way. 👊

Want more info on TikTok’s latest movies and our strategies? Reach out any time with questions, or connect with me on LinkedIn.


P.S. We are THRILLED to share that our The Art of Sway + ICYMI podcast made Loomly’s prestigious list of the best social media marketing podcasts to listen to in 2024. They compiled a list of almost 100 recommended social media marketing and social media adjacent podcasts, then prioritized the shows with “high-quality educational content, top-tier hosts, immaculate production value, and a unique angle on marketing, social media, and internet culture.” Thanks to Loomly for the shout-out, and be sure to visit their post to see the full list of 16 shows, including the Art of Sway + ICYMI!