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Swayzine - Influencer Marketing InsightsSpring has officially sprung, and here in Michigan I’m thrilled to see my garden coming back to life. My weeping cherry just started to bloom, my peonies and Solomon’s Seal are popping up, and all of the tulips I planted in the fall survived the chipmunk/squirrel onslaught. There are so many pretty blooms, they’ve even inspired me to tackle cleaning out the garage this weekend. (No easy feat!)

Just like the renewal happening in my garden, it’s the perfect time to bring a similar kind of rejuvenation energy to our work here at Sway. As we welcome the fresh start that spring brings, we’re also taking this season to streamline and simplify our influencer marketing strategies, making sure that every part of our approach is fine-tuned and — well, I don’t want to say spit-shined, but you get the idea.

Here’s what we’re focusing on at Sway Group

Reorganizing: Smarter Sharing

First up, let’s talk about the new ways we’re sharing links. Gone are the days of that overcrowded “link in bio” approach. Instead, we’re using tools like ManyChat to provide a more interactive and direct way for our audiences to connect with the content they care about. It’s a lot like tidying up that pervasive garage clutter: everything gets easier to find and use. This not only improves user experience but also boosts our engagement rates, making sure our messages hit home more effectively.

Throwing Away: Quantity Over Quality

Next, it’s time to throw out the idea that a huge following is the end-all-be-all. This year, we’re focusing on the metrics that truly matter: engagement, conversion rates, and genuine interaction. Let’s toss out the outdated notion that bigger is always better, when there’s plenty of evidence that smaller, more targeted influencers can outperform their big-budget peers.

Polishing: Securing a Seat at the Table

Finally, we’re polishing our approach by making sure influencer marketing is a core part of the conversation from the beginning. It’s becoming clear to brands that bringing in specialized influencer agencies right from the start pays off. These specialists bring a sharp eye for what truly engages audiences and can influence the broader digital strategy, not just the influencer piece. When we’re involved from the ground up, we help craft campaigns that are not only more aligned but also more interesting and memorable.

By tackling our influencer marketing strategies with a spring cleaning mindset, we’re making sure everything is organized, streamlined, and impeccably managed. Now, I can’t promise my garage will get the same treatment as quickly — but our campaigns are definitely on track for success.

Reach out any time to connect, or find me on LinkedIn.